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At Blue Whale Apps, we understand the paramount importance of Section 508 compliance in today’s digital landscape. Section 508 mandates that federal agencies and private organizations receiving government funding make their Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accessible to individuals with disabilities. This encompasses software, hardware, and digital documents procured and utilized by federal agencies.

Blue Whale Apps specializes in Section 508 Compliance services, providing expert remediation solutions for web, mobile, and UI/UX design. Our team of seasoned professionals are dedicated 508 Compliance experts, well-versed in the intricacies of WCAG 2.1 guidelines. From website audits to mobile application assessments, we ensure that your digital platforms meet the highest accessibility standards, creating an inclusive experience for all users.

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Who Can Benefit from Our Services?

If you are an organization, business, or entity that understands the importance of 508 (WCAG 2.1) compliance and desires a digital presence that is accessible to all, Blue Whale Apps is here for you. Our services cater to:

    • Government Agencies

      Fulfill Section 508 requirements seamlessly.

    • Enterprises

      Ensure your corporate digital assets are inclusive.

    • Educational Institutions

      Create an accessible learning environment for all.

    • Healthcare Providers

      Deliver accessible information to patients and stakeholders.

    • E-commerce Platforms

      Enhance the shopping experience for all users.

    • App Developers

      Ensure your mobile applications are universally accessible.

    PaaS & IaaS

    • Quicker and efficient application deployment
    • Instant alteration in storage capacities and computing processes
    • Better control over deployed applications
    • Pay per subscription
    • AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud Microsoft Azure, IBM, Rackspace

    Serverless Architecture

    • On-demand code execution
    • Zero server installation and maintenance
    • Quicker application updates and releases
    • Better scaling capacities
    • Pay per function or service
    • AWS Lambda, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Apache OpenWhisk, OpenFaaS


    • Frictionless app deployment
    • Quick application migration and movement
    • Lesser dependencies with isolated components
    • Better app orchestration & management
    • Pay per server
    • Kubernetes, AWS Fargate, Azure Container, OpenShift, Google App Engine

    Why Us?

    1. Expertise on leading Cloud platforms and models
    2. Certified Cloud experts on board
    3. Excellent project consulting and management services
    4. NDA, IP & data protection policies in place
    5. Security and GDPR compliance
    6. Seamless communication and reporting
    7. Stable and long-lasting support to customers

    508 Standards for Web Content:

    To meet Section 508 compliance requirements, your website, service, or product must adhere to WCAG version 2.0 Level A, AA success criteria at a minimum. For those who have embraced WCAG 2.1, kudos! It’s backward compatible with 2.0, ensuring that products conformant to 2.1 standards automatically comply with 2.0 for ADA compliance.

Why Blue Whale Apps?

Embarking on the journey towards accessibility is a complex task, and that’s where Blue Whale Apps comes in. Our comprehensive services include:

Website Audits

Whether you’re starting or revamping your digital assets, our experts provide a detailed manual audit against the WCAG conformance level you require.

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Remediation Services

Armed with an audit report, choose to fix your web application in-house with our Web Accessibility Specialists or let our AEL developers remediate it for you. We also support remediation for third-party audit reports.

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Our consultants join you at any stage of your accessibility planning, guiding pre-audit, mid-remediation, or future planning to ensure web accessibility compliance.

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Partner with Us for Inclusive Digital Excellence:


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You will receive our Non-Discolosure Agreement to protect your app idea. We respect your confidentiality and therefore keep all disclosed information private.


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