Mobile App Quality Assurance

At Blue Whale Apps, we don't just offer comprehensive and scalable mobile app design and development services, but also put more emphasis on app testing. From error and bug identification and addressing overall app testing, our quality testers ensure that the app you are about to release is superior and impeccable in all the departments including quality and performance. We follow agile app quality testing process that test all use cases, potential quality issues and scenarios and all functional and visual aspects of the app on multiple devices and environments. You don't have to worry about app quality and performance when it is tested by our expert team of quality analysts.

Mobile app quality assurance services

On-device testing

Our qualified professionals offer on-device localization testing service while reviewing any broken links or user interface issues or contextual issues. You can again include translations back to your app once they are released by us. We will address all the bug issues as discrepancies before the actual release of the app.

Automated Testing

There are many benefits of Automated App Testing compared to manual testing, including lesser time to market, cost-efficiencies, and human error elimination. You can release the app faster than anticipated using our QA automation testing.

Visual App Testing

The visual testing process includes different visual testing tools that identify any possible bugs and errors that might arise during the app functioning. It does not require much time and covers all the layouts and visual items and also allows seamless integration of different visual testing of UI elements.

User Acceptance Testing

Here, actual users use and test your app and list down possible issues that affect the user experience and app performance. Users test the app in the real world scenarios with best UAT testing tools. The app is tested by several users on multiple times on multiple platforms.

Mobile app QA consulting

We have a team of expert QA analysts who will check your existing mobile quality assurance process and evaluate it to offer relevant recommendations to alter or modify the process. They will find loopholes in your current QA testing process and make it more compatible and superlative. Our QA consulting service is highly customizable and ensures an error-proof and robust quality assurance process that help you to identify and address issues that lower the performance of the app.

Agile app testing process

Our agile app testing process uses a collaborative approach among teams to define the objective and shared goals among different teams to improve velocity and user satisfaction. We keep our clients in the loop by offering immediate and constant updates, feedback, and analysis and further action plan.

Why hire Blue Whale Apps for app quality assurance services?


Superior and proven testing methods

We apply all the testing methods that are proven, comprehensive and scalable and leave no room for any mistakes and issues.


Testing driven approach

Our approach to mobile app quality assurance is test-driven on multiple devices in multiple environments to ensure there is no possibility of any errors or bugs.


Test app experience on different data networks

We test the user experience of the app on different data networks to identify issues that might arise with a particular network and address the issues thoroughly.


Test your app in multiple languages

There are possibilities that your app might not perform well in some specific languages and hence, we test the app I'm different languages.


Fault tolerance interoperability and battery consumption

Fault tolerance, interoperability and battery consumption are important parameters that might affect the app uninstalls. Checking the app for these parameters is very crucial.

Do you have an app quality assurance project that you want to share with us? Hire our best QA analysts for the job.

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