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Blue Whale Apps provides customized healthcare application development services to help healthcare facility providers such as pharmaceutical companies, medical and life science service providers to digitally transform their operations with the adoption of smart technology solutions.

At Blue Whale Apps, our team of healthcare app developers is expert in various areas of healthcare app deployments including EMR, EHR, medical billing, patient data management, fitness tracking, clinical management, as well as hospital management by following the right compliance and integration practices.

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    Our Healthcare App Development Services

    Automate your healthcare processes with the right technology solution

    As one of the leading healthcare technology solution providers in the USA, we aim to assist the medical industry to improve and automate their process of diseases diagnosis, drug inspection, patient care treatment as well as monitoring of the quality of healthcare services by providing the right healthcare app development services.

    • Healthcare Mobile App Development

      We develop customized medical mobile applications to address different requirements of healthcare facility providers to ensure smooth healthcare operations. We have expertise in developing both native and hybrid mobile apps for healthcare, providing easy interactions, monitoring, tracking, and notification features.

    • Healthcare Wearable App Development

      We provide healthcare wearable app development services on leading wearable platforms like Apple Watch, Android Gear as well as Google Glass integrating required usability, functionality, voice commands, AI sensors, ML data, and security parameters for better tracking of healthcare activities.

    • Healthcare Product Development

      We develop healthcare products and systems to help the healthcare organizations, life science institutes, and pharmacies manage, monitor and automate operations related to administration, treatment tracking, drug research, clinical trials, electronic records management and much more.

    • Medical Device Software Development

      We develop apps and software for medical devices that comply with leading healthcare standards and regulations like ISO 13485, IEC 62304, HIPAA, FDA, ANSI, and many more to help doctors, nurses, physicians, and lab assistant carry out their medical operations in an integrated and systematic manner.

    • Medical Imaging Solution

      We provide medical imaging and 3D imaging solutions to help medical practitioners, device manufacturers and researchers conduct accurate diagnosis based on medical images utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning components like artificial neural networks, deep learning, and NLP.

    • Medical App Development

      We develop medical apps for doctors and patients with comprehensive features to improve medication and drug management operations, including drug inspection, drug supply management, drug reminders, medicine research, and clinical trials of drugs and vaccinations.

    • Healthcare CRM & Patient Data Management

      We develop healthcare CRM and patient data management solutions to help healthcare organizations in effective tracking of patient information and provide personalized offerings based on the patient’s profile for better patient experience and treatment.

    • Diseases, Ailment & Condition Management App

      We also develop apps to monitor and manage chronic diseases, ailments and conditions among patients to help healthcare facility providers and doctors take effective treatment measures with timely notifications, recommendations, reporting, medication intake, activity, and symptom tracking.

    • Clinic Management App Development

      We provide clinic management applications to help physicians and doctors easily schedule and manage patient appointments, along with better reporting, billing, and patient data management.

    • Fitness & Nutrition Management App Development

      We develop fitness, nutrition, and wellness management apps featuring intuitive UI and functions to help users manage their lifestyle, fitness, and food habits along with tracking their personal health data like heart rate, blood pressure, sugar levels, and more.

    Healthcare App Development Expertise We Offer

    Compliance & Security

    • Compliance with leading healthcare standards and committees like HIPAA, FDA, ANSI, and WHO
    • Adherence to Quality Control standards and protocols like ISO and IEC
    • Data and information encryption in systems
    • Authenticated and secured access control in apps
    • Validated and quality medical software products

    Continuous Development & Continuous Automation

    • Better patient monitoring
    • Improved tracking of diseases conditions, reports, and treatment
    • Quicker monitoring and reporting of healthcare operations
    • Tracking of patient schedules, billing cycles, and tests conducted
    • Monitoring of errors and discrepancies in drug intake, patient care facilities, and treatment.

    Continuous Testing & Continuous Feedback

    • Accurate performance with AI, ML, and AR technology integration
    • Improved healthcare administration and patient management
    • Enhanced and quicker interaction and communication
    • Enhanced performance of clinical trials, drug inspection, and supply chain
    • Better personal health and diseases condition

    Why Us?

    1. Expertise in leading healthcare app development standards and processes
    2. Certified app development experts on board
    3. Excellent project consulting and management services
    4. Proven delivery methodologies
    5. Customer privacy, GDPR compliance, and NDA policy
    6. Stable and long-lasting customer support

      Success Stories

      Trusted by leading brands including Fortune 500 enterprises and Silicon Valley startups

      Spider Door

      Spider Door offers end-to-end 21st century digital solutions for Self-Storage industry. It’s portfolio of solutions includes Pay Bill, Rent Unit(s), Move-In, Move-Out, Open Gate, Report issues, Auto reminder for late payments and much more, all from the personalized native apps for iOS and Android.

      It seamlessly integrates with customer’s existing gate software. All activities from the app automatically syncs back to the gate goftware and vice versa.

      View Case Study


      Mobilears, an audiology medical application development for iPad to help patients test their hearing capacities with ease. It is an FDA, ANSI-certified, and HIPAA-compliant medical application that enables users to perform self-administered hearing tests, eliminating the need to travel to the hearing labs, thus offering convenient, cost-effective, and comfortable hearing test solution. The application features with a proprietary audio calibration (end-to-end encrypted) system, that is smart and accurate enough to work across different audio chipsets of varying iPad devices.

      View Case Study


      Development of an enterprise event management application to host and manage corporate events for thousands of employees and internal stakeholders. This native event management applications on both iOS and Android platforms with tight integration to Salesforce CRM, simplified the event management process for the client company, improving the success and engagement ratio of their events by 53% on YoY basis.

      View Case Study

      Meet The Owner


      Pathik Jayani is the CEO of Blue Whale Apps, a top U.S. based app development firm with clients ranging from Discovery Channel, NBC Universal and Jack Nicklaus to new startups.

      An Entrepreneur, Technology Strategist and an E-discovery industry consultant with over 15 years of combined experience, Pathik is passionate about designing/developing/implementing custom workflows, best practices and processes that integrate seamlessly and efficiently into client needs in a fully defensible and cost effective manner.

      Skype : pathikjayani LinkedIn : Pathik Jayani Phone : +1-571-294-6158

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