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Max & Molly is a social dating app but is not just another dating app; it offers new ways to connect. It is an app for pet lovers that provides a new way to socialize with possible matches to make the dating experience fun and exciting.


The client wanted us to develop a dating app and add all the features that popular dating platforms offer with some extra features. His goal was to provide a cost-effective and fun-loving app that can provide an intuitive and exhilarating user experience.


Mobile Application Development, Digital Transformation, Social Application Integration, Twilio API integration


Swift, HTML5, Xcode

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The Requirement

The solution had to be interactive and easy to use to provide a fun and unique dating app experience for pet lovers.

In addition to the pet theme, our client wanted users to be able to post a video of themselves on their profiles, instead of just photos like what is found in most dating apps. Other details are listed below:

He wanted the following features in the app:

  • Location-based matches
  • A smart algorithm that continually offered relevant matches
  • Video profiles
  • Twilio integration for interaction
  • Product Analysis
  • GPS tracking

The Solution

Main Focus

  • The solution had to be interactive and easy to use
  • Simplicity and fun experience was the key.
  • Providing a fun and unique dating app experience for pet lovers.

Special Feature

We used React Native platform that allowed our team to create native iOS and Android apps in less time, using fewer resources and at a fraction of cost.

After completing a brief profile and uploading a 20-second video of themselves, auto-location allows the app to show users other potential matches nearby. Once two compatible users have matched, they can communicate in the app using the integrated text chat.

The app provides an intuitive user experience and creative designs combined with a streamlined cross-platform development process. The application made the followings possible:

  • Allows the users to find friends and peers to add to your network
  • Quickly meet women and men in an area
  • Users can write a quick message by using the chat functionality
  • Users can create video profiles
  • Users can see who has visited their profiles

The Results

Finally, the Blue Whale Team succeeded in developing a pet-themed beautiful dating app that not only offers an easy way to socialize but also makes the whole dating experience fun again.

Here are the reasons why the client was overwhelmed with our performances and services:

  • Built an innovative social dating app
  • Validated market adoption pre-launch
  • Scalable and seamless app performance 
  • 5000+ downloads in one month post-launch

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