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Dapps is an abbreviation of decentralized applications that run on a peer-to-peer network of computers rather than a single computer. The main difference between a traditional web application and decentralized application is that both apps' front end uses the same technology, but when it comes to the backend, dapp's backend uses contracts to connect with blockchain network instead of an API which connects with the database.


At Blue Whale Apps, we have a team of best blockchain experts who use blockchain technology to help clients to create superior dApps and improve their revenues and profits. In the world of decentralized applications, our expert team stay focused and updated with new technologies and tools to give you a competitive edge over others by developing a best and comprehensive dApps for you.

We are well-versed with many decentralised development platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3Corda, Stellar, EOS and Hashgraph.

MVP Consulting

If you have an idea that you want to encash, better share with our team of experts who will analyze and evaluate the idea and decide the feasibility of it. They are well versed with the dapp market trends and identify opportunities. From identifying possible stakeholders, technical components and the selection of a right blockchain platform, we will help you throughout the process.

User Interface

We have carved a niche for ourselves by designing impressive and structured user interface since our inception. We will create the best interactive prototypes by brainstorming different design possibilities right from ideation.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Blue Whale Apps is a renowned dapp development company that helps build tailor-made, scalable and comprehensive exchange platform as per the requirements of the client to connect with external exchanges via distributed shared order books and APIs.

Cloud Services

Our dApps can be used as microservices that can be externalized by APIs. The main advantage of encapsulating dApps as microservices is that you can focus on single business capability. For each microservice, we will offer a cloud data store.

Smart Contracts

Dapps development includes writing testing and deploying contracts for various blockchain platforms such as Ethereum. Our expert team will develop smart Contracts as well as choose the right blockchain platform for their business needs.

Decentralized Storage

Businesses must choose a right decentralized cloud storage platform that allows peer-to-peer transactions and at the same time, offers security and efficiency. We help clients to choose the right decentralized cloud storage that serves the basic purpose.

DApp Porting

Porting is very instrumental when you want to move your existing application to any blockchain platform. We have a team of porting experts who will help you in dapp porting.

DApp Upgrade Services

Upgradation is very essential for an app to run smoothly and efficiently and we will take care of maintaining, migration and upgrading your app from time to time as per the business needs and requirements. From deploying new smart Contracts to upgrading new microservices in the app, we help you out throughout the migration and upgradation process.

Our dApp Development Process

We have a proven dApp development process that converts ideas into Real-time, scalable and feasible decentralized applications.

Blockchain ideation

We will brainstorm on your business idea and its possibilities and feasibility. Our experts will also define off-chain and on-chain business entities and technical component. In this stage, we will also prepare a product roadmap.


Concept Development

Here, we will identify the technology and platform for dApp such as Ethereum Hyperledger or others and develop a PoC (proof of concept development).


Visual and Technical design

Our designers will create user interface design for software components and also design the technical architecture of the product. We will also record and document GDPR compliance requirements.



We will create different versions of the dapp product with real-time features such as source code, smart contracts, and other components.



We will deploy the app on the cloud-first and then on the app store.



Once the app is released and deployed on the app stores, we will go for backlog prioritization and come up with new smart Contracts, microservices and other new components as per the business needs and feedback received from the users.

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