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One of the most crucial parameters that determine the success or failure of your app is product design. You must have abandoned mobile apps or in some worst scenarios, uninstalled the app due to poor app design. We all do the same. If the product design is not visually enticing and appealing, we don't connect with the app instantly, no matter how good the features and functionalities of the app are. It is the reason businesses put more emphasis on product design of the app and hire mobile app development companies that have a dedicated team of product design. At Blue Whale Apps, we have a separate team of product designers who will look after your app's product design and ensure that the users have unparalleled user experience when they use your app. We have a keen understanding of app Product design and we create a highly exclusive and superior product design that gives enjoyable time to the users during the whole customer journey. We have the latest technologies and design tools at our disposal that help us to create an interactive and engaging product design that lures customers from the moment they come to your app. We also take care of your business strategy goals while polishing the product design. Our finest app designs will ensure smooth and flawless interactions of the users with the app and enchanting user experience. We leverage our expertise and years of experience to ensure that the product design is highly feasible and scalable within different product constraints that need to take into consideration. We also practice new and latest technologies to ensure superlative app design and seamless experience.

Our Product Design services

UX design

While designing the app, you need to have in mind the end goal and action that you want users to take. Behavior data analysis and personalization architecture can help you to achieve it.

Visual design

A visually enchanting and appealing app is what we offer to the clients to serve the business goals and objectives. Our product designers use UI elements, iconography and style guide to achieve superlative and impressive app.

Motion design

Our designers use different style guides to leave an impression in the minds of the users such as loading screens and graphics and animation. With the help of motion design, users can easily navigate in the app without compromising the brand effect.


Prototyping has become a mandatory parameter to check whether the app fulfills all the expectations of the users or not. A prototype design help marketing teams to check the feasibility of the app for training and concept understanding. We will develop a clear and internal prototype with a concept video for internal use.

Content design

The finest integration of content and design helps the app to serve the core purpose and to offer a seamless experience. Offering the right content at the right time to the users is very imperative. We have a team of copywriters who will come up with clear and concise copies for different app pages.

Systems design

Various design systems help to iterate and evolve the product from time to time. It also ensures that designers use different design elements and patterns appropriately.

Five design parameters of product design



The design should be innovative and creative yet simple. Users don't like cluttered designs and they will simply not appreciate it. From navigation, haptics, and gestures, the app should be seamless and innovative in design to lure customers.


Conceptually robust and scalable

Designing the app with random colors and graphics will take you nowhere. There should be a conceptual explanation of all visual elements and a direction. Take into consideration all the graphics elements and components while designing a product.



Your design should look fresh and innovative even after years of its inception. Practically, you might find it impossible taking into consideration new trends and concepts coming into the market. However, you can count 3 to 5 years as a tactical time limit.


Brand Alignment

The brand recognition is very important and smart designers don't ignore this factor while designing the app. What if you remove the logo of the brand, does it still look relevant and effective? These things must be considered while designing the app.


Lightweight and cohesive

Make sure that the design is lightweight and cohesive while designing the app. The technical definition of the app design is all about having a little design that still looks impressive and intuitive.

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