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Check-up is a virtual waiting room bringing family and loved ones together in a time of need. It is an elegant solution for sharing real-time updates about a patient who is in a hospital with distant family members.


A medical provider wanted a patient monitoring app that would make it easy and less stressful for the families of hospital patients to receive updates. The idea was to allow one person to share updates with everyone they invite to a group. Topics could cover when a patient is finished with surgery or when they are being released.


Product Analysis, Product Strategy, Digital Experience Design, Logo Design, Branding, Mobile App Development


Swift, Twilio integration for Text Messages, Google Maps API, RoR, Heroku, OneSignal for Push Notifications

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The Requirement

A service provider in the healthcare industry wanted an easy and secure way to share real-time patient status reports with loved ones who could not be physically present. The vision for the project was to develop an iPhone app that would help users keep friends and family up-to-date on the status of a loved one in the hospital. It was very important for the app to be both informative and easy to navigate, so that any users could be kept informed on the patient’s condition. 

All information sent to the virtual waiting room needed to be controlled by one user, the room owner. The room owner invites guests to join the room via text message and provides all information about the patient, which maintains HIPAA compliance. Information about select hospitals and a complete Medical Dictionary also needed to be integrated into the app for user convenience. Other requirements included the following:

  • Push notifications
  • Text message integration
  • Google Maps API integration
  • Deep Linking
  • Web Portal for Online Administration

The Results

The finished app exceeded all client expectations. It’s easy-to-use and provides real-time notifications, with the ability of everyone in a waiting room to share comments with each other, ask questions, and navigate an interactive map. Overall, it’s a simple, streamlined app with no learning curve, so there’s never a moment wasted by anyone trying to figure it out. To accomplish this, Blue Whale provided a full-spectrum of end-to-end services, which included prototype and flow design, software architecture, native iOS development, back-end database architecture, API development, and App Store deployment. Additional features are listed below:

  • It’s a one-stop solution for clinics and walk-in clinics
  • It can scale to meet the demands of large medical groups and hospitals
  • The enterprise solution easily handles 100,000 patient visits per month
  • Hospitals can use it to send millions of text messages per year

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