Checkup – Patient Monitoring App

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Check-up is a virtual waiting room bringing family and loved ones together in a time of need. It an elegant solution for sharing real-time updates on a patient in a hospital with distant family members.

“I wanted an easy and secure way to share real-time patient’s status with the loved ones who could not be physically present.”

– Customer

THE CHALLENGES: Providing an easy-to-use, secure way to keep family and friends in the loop on the condition of a loved one in the hospital.

Client, who worked in the healthcare industry, contacted Blue Whale with the vision of developing an iPhone app that would help users keep friends and family up-to-date on the status of a loved one in the hospital. It was very important for the app to both informative and easy to navigate, so that any users could be kept informed on the patient’s condition.

  • Push Notification
  • Integrated Text message Invitation with deep linking
  • Interactive Maps for selected hospitals
  • Medical Dictionary
  • Scalable back end

THE SOLUTION: Real-time and secure platform where parties can update the status and share comments of a patient.

All information sent to the virtual waiting room is controlled by one user, the room owner. The room owner invites guests to join the room via text message and provides all information about the patient which maintains HIPAA compliance. Information about select hospitals and a complete Medical Dictionary are integrated into the app for the users’ convenience.

Tools Used: Swift, Twilio integration for Text Messages, Google Maps API, RoR, Heroku, OneSignal for push notifications.

– Solutions Team

THE RESULTS: Easy to use app with the real-time notification that provides the ability to share comments with all, ask questions and navigate an interactive map.

A streamlined, simple app designed to follow the common surgical procedure process. The solution that keeps the audience in mind and offers a simple way to join the waiting room and stay up-to-date with loved one’s status. An easy to use, Blue Whale provided a full spectrum of end to end services including Prototype and flow Design, Software Architecture, native iOS development, back end database architecture and API development and App Store deployment.

Real-Time Push Notifications, Integrated Text Message Invitations, Deep linking with two-factor authentication in-built, Interactive Maps for selected hospitals, complete Medical Dictionary.

– Customer Success Team