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Custom logistics and transportation management applications can help you lead the market by optimizing transport operations with the help of digital technologies. Also, this can help you reduce your transportation spending and control the supply chain and enhance customer experience.

Blue Whale Apps is a leading Logistics App Development company with experience in developing lop customized Logistics & Transportation iOS, Android, and cloud applications. Thus, the Blue Whale Apps team is the best choice to translate your ideas into intelligent and powerful solutions.

Our mobile app development team will ensure automation of your transport fleet, effective organization of the routes to follow, and the distribution of resources. That makes it easier to carry out follow-ups and provide instant solutions in case of any inconveniences. Thus, your business never will suffer from a circumstance like delays related to materials delivery or any other form of distribution challenges.

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Blue Whale Apps is an award-winning logistics and transportation mobile app development company based in Virginia. We have been providing app development solutions globally for more than 15 years.

Our industry experts integrate the latest mobile technology and tools to deliver next-gen logistics solutions for Fleet Management. This includes the following features:

  • International & Domestic Transportation
  • Freight Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Realtime GPS tracking
  • Loading and unloading for global businesses.


Our unique Logistics Services can help you to take your business to the next level at an exponential rate. Find below the details of our Logistics Management Services.

  • Cost-Efficient Last Mile Delivery Solution

    We apply the latest last-mile delivery solution to make sure that you reduce recurring costs up to 30%. Moreover, we provide automation and optimization of delivery channels, route planning, and resource allocation.

  • Manage on-Field Workforce with Our Solution

    We will help you to monitor, track, analyze, and optimize all the on-field activities. As a result, you can see significate changes like an increase in efficiency, reduction of time consumed, and increase in overall performances.

  • Our Solution for On-Demand Delivery Management

    On-Demand delivery management is a new phenomenon and many industries are adopting this. If you are looking for a solution having an Uber-like functionality; then we are the best company to guide you. We will assist you to manage all the deliveries with utmost ease.

  • Robust Solution for Reverse Logistic Automation

    One of the effective ways to reduce cost is to employ reverse logistics. Our solutions fit perfectly well for this kind of logistic demand. We will automate the reverse logistics process to gain high measurable and holistic reporting.

  • Easy-to-Access Fleet Management Solution

    We provide plenty of benefits for your fleet system. Our precise real-time tracking, alerts, route status & optimization enhance the overall performance of your fleet management system.

  • Long Haul Delivery Management Solution

    Delivery of goods and consignments between distant cities has been an integral part of logistics. Our customized solutions will help you to resolve issues arising in delivering cargo to distant places.


User App

  • Registration
  • Save Address
  • View nearby trucks
  • Select vehicle type
  • Book now
  • Fare estimation
  • Estimate time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Schedule Trip
  • In-App Calling
  • Notifications
  • Rate & Review
  • Cancel Services
  • Multi-Payment
  • Email Invoice
  • Driver Details

Trucker/Driver App

  • Upload documents
  • Revenue Breakdown
  • Cancel Trip
  • Select vehicle type
  • Availability Toggle
  • In-App Calling
  • Accept/Reject Requests
  • User & consignment details
  • Notifications
  • Navigation
  • View Rate Card
  • Multi-Language

Admin & Dispatcher Panel

  • Manage Users
  • Manage Complaints
  • Generate Billing & Invoice
  • Sub-Admins
  • Manage Drivers
  • Manage Fleet
  • Managing and Tracking Trips
  • Manage & Truck Revenues
  • See Multi-Top Routes
  • Manage Rate Card
  • Manage Trip History
  • Subcription Plan

Why Work With Us – Logistic App Development

  1. Flexible mobility solution for the growth of your business
  2. Result-oriented logistic and transport mobile application solutions
  3. Effective strategic decisions to build innovative and functional logistics and transport mobile app
  4. Innovative ways to meet the logistics and transportation demands to face the industry challenges.
  5. Facilitation of cloud deployments and online installations for your logistics management systems.
  6. 15+ years of experience in Logistics ERP, integrated Supply-Chain Management suites, inventory management, warehouse management, etc.

Success Stories

Trusted by leading brands including Fortune 500 enterprises and Silicon Valley startups

Spider Door

Spider Door offers end-to-end 21st century digital solutions for Self-Storage industry. It’s portfolio of solutions includes Pay Bill, Rent Unit(s), Move-In, Move-Out, Open Gate, Report issues, Auto reminder for late payments and much more, all from the personalized native apps for iOS and Android.

It seamlessly integrates with customer’s existing gate software. All activities from the app automatically syncs back to the gate goftware and vice versa.

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Mobilears, an audiology medical application development for iPad to help patients test their hearing capacities with ease. It is an FDA, ANSI-certified, and HIPAA-compliant medical application that enables users to perform self-administered hearing tests, eliminating the need to travel to the hearing labs, thus offering convenient, cost-effective, and comfortable hearing test solution. The application features with a proprietary audio calibration (end-to-end encrypted) system, that is smart and accurate enough to work across different audio chipsets of varying iPad devices.

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Development of an enterprise event management application to host and manage corporate events for thousands of employees and internal stakeholders. This native event management applications on both iOS and Android platforms with tight integration to Salesforce CRM, simplified the event management process for the client company, improving the success and engagement ratio of their events by 53% on YoY basis.

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Logistic App Development FAQ

The cost of developing a logistic application depends on the types of features to be added to the app and the requirement of the client. Also, it depends on the number of hours taken to develop this app. The estimated cost of logistics mobile app development can start from $1,00,000 and can go beyond $5,00,000.

We have developed different types of logistics management solutions based on our clients’ requirements. Here is the list of some of the apps:

  • Fleet Management
  • Shipment Tracking
  • On-demand logistic
  • Warehouse Management
  • Asset tracking and management
  • Transport management system
  • Route optimization with traffic information
  • Location tracking

We use all the latest technology to build logistic management apps.

  • AR
  • Chatbots
  • AI
  • Live videos
  • Video content
  • Influencer marketing
  • Local targeting
  • UGC

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