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A unique social media platform that helps a community of creative thinkers and artists showcase their creative talent freely with others, without any content or age restrictions, promoting freedom of expression. The platform aims at helping users connect with people of similar personalities and enhance their social connections by picture sharing, messaging, and group chatting. The platform also helps users build a supportive community to send money to friends and raise donations for promoting and enhancing each other’s talent.

The Client

Redban LLC is a Florida-based startup, engaged in delivering customer engagement applications and solutions to people in the US.


UI/UX Design, Strategy & Consulting, Mobile Development, Social

Tools & Technolofies

Native iOS, XCode, Swift, Twilio, Stripe, Amazon AWS, RoR, Firebase, App Analytics, InVision, Adobe Creative Suite

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The Requirement

Redban LLC, a Florida-based startup came up with an idea to develop a creative social media platform that allows users, mainly artists and creative thinkers, to freely share their work and talent with like-minded people and connect with them to build a community for promoting each other’s talent. The mission behind the application was to help users showcase their art, talent, and expressions in creative ways without the need to follow any prohibited content policy, providing the community the right freedom of expression.

The platform thus required creative user experience and a unique brand identity that matches with the end users’ personality, to help them showcase their work freely. Hence, the client was looking for a development partner who had expertise in the social vertical and strong experience in brand identity development. Moreover, the client required someone who was knowledgeable enough to help with the development strategy and roadmap of the platform, with an aim to avail long-term relationship assistance.

  • Native mobile
    app development
  • UI/UX
  • Application
  • Application
  • App Store submission
    & optimization


Blue Whale Apps was one of three companies shortlisted to develop the social media platform for the client. However, the client selected us since we demonstrated a better industry experience with a development roadmap and app positioning strategy.

  • Proposed to develop the solution into different phases using agile methodology.
  • Strategized the entire app development roadmap of all the versions of the application.
  • Conducted research and analysis of the persona, to understand demographics, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, art expression, etc.
  • Identified the branding and user experience strategy to match the look and feel with the personality of the targeted users.
  • Based on analysis and strategy, to strengthen the app positioning in the iOS market and reach out to a wider audience quickly, we focused on iOS development first.
  • Focused on iOS development first to strengthen the app positioning and reach out to the target audience in the iOS market.
  • Developed the app, covering the core features to go live with MVP (minimum viable product) 1.0 that helped save time and budget.
  • Provided a transparent communication of the development progress, with weekly calls and face- to-face meetings
  • Accommodated few great feature additions and scope changes during development, without compromising quality and timeline.

Blue Whale Apps delivered MVP 1.0 on the iOS platform to reach the maximum user base, integrating the core features of the app such as social sharing, direct messages, group chatting, online payment transaction, geo-location tracking, user reviews & analytics, and push notifications.

The Solution

Blue Whale Apps worked with the client company providing end-to-end development of the required social media platform, from defining the strategy, scope identification, user analysis & research, designing, prototyping to development; delivering the app within the specified timeline and accommodating multiple scope changes and feature suggestions.

  • Requirement analysis to understand targeted user demographics, interests, usage, income level, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Application prototyping and wireframing using colorful palette matching iterations on SKETCH, InVision, Adobe, and Questionnaire
  • App branding development based on persona and color schemes.
  • Cutting-edge application UI designing based on the matching color schemes, fonts, and logo using InVision and Adobe Creative Suite
  • App deployment on Amazon AWS for seamless performance of the application.
  • Microservices-based cloud architecture implementation for sustainability and scalability.
  • App store submission and optimization.

The Results

The mobile team successfully developed the social media platform that offers a tailored experience to a community of creative thinkers, allowing them to freely share their thoughts, work, and expression with like-minded people.

  • Quick and timely delivery of version 1.0 using agile methodology.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface for users to share posts and drive engagement.
  • Cost-effective solution due to lesser investment in technology.
  • Scalable and seamless app performance with Amazon AWS.
  • Ability to support multiple users and requests with the use of Microservices-based architecture.

The Testimonial

"They're super helpful because I didn't know anything about what goes into making an app."

Andrew Arno – Founder, Redban LLC

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