App Backend Development

You must have seen videos of behind the scenes of movies and that's what backend does with the app. The backend developers are mostly responsible to work on the actual logic behind all the functioning of the app. An ideal backend developer must have an in-depth understanding of how the backend of the app works and unmatched knowledge of different backend technologies, tools, frameworks and accessibility, and security compliance and knowledge of front-end technologies such as HTML and CSS. Backend development is the backbone of the app and the main responsibility of it to connect different critical parts of the application while integrating the application. The backend architecture consists of an application server, a web server, and a database. The features and functionalities of the backend architecture depend on features and functionalities you want to incorporate in your app. At Blue Whale Apps, we have a team of expert backend developers who will leave no stones unturned to ensure that you have a powerful backend development that allows your apps to function smoothly and seamlessly. We have years of experience and expertise to create and build unparalleled backend development for apps that help businesses address different functionalities and purposes the users want to achieve.

Our Backend Engineering Services

Whether you have a simple static app or a complex mobile app, we ensure that your app excels when it comes to backend development. Our developers will create a custom backend solution as per your preferences and business requirements. Our app backend development services ensure smooth store, process, and management of data.

Backend API development

We use different advanced API tools that allow us to create and deploy application programming interfaces in a scalable and secure environment.

Data storage backend app

Our developers design a backend app that can easily store relevant data in distributed database systems and allows users to scale the data as and when they want.

Backend CRM development

Our expert CRM technology experts ensure a complete CRM platform implementation design and development for your business requirements. We adhere to guidelines while developing backend CRM development.

Event-driven backend development

We have the latest technologies and tools at our disposal such as MongoDB, NoSQL data schema and Node.js to create highly-functional and real-time communication apps and event-driven backend.

Backend app admin

Incorporate crucial features such as cloud database, push notifications, email notifications, analytics tracking, and others in your mobile app with the powerful backend admin engine.

Cloud migration

Do you want to migrate your backend system to private, public or hybrid clouds with a wide range of cloud computing services? We can make it possible for you.

Backend connectors

The main task of these robust backend connectors is to process and analyze different multiple sensor signals and catch the information into your backend application. We use different smart data access tools and ETL tools for that.

Why Blue Whale Apps for backend mobile engineering


In-depth Knowledge

Our developers have an in-depth understanding of different MDM/MIM/MAM principles, identity federation, access control procedures, and API key generation and they create a highly secure and scalable security mechanism that is safe to take the data to your distributed system from different sources.


Technical Expertise

We possess sheer technical expertise when it comes to backend development. Our experts have completed backend development projects for various businesses of verticals and will ensure a robust and scalable mobile backend for your app.


Agile development process

We prefer to follow an agile development process that allows us to create scalable and comprehensive mobile apps within a given timeframe and in addition to that, mitigate risks and improve app performance.


Proactive approach

We have a proactive approach when it comes to backend development. Our developers will carefully monitor your network to identify and fix the issues before things go out of control.

Do you want powerful and highly-functional app backend services? Let's discuss the possibilities with our backend team.

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