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Our Work Culture

Great People, Great Products

A shared vision of commitment, trust, and transparency!

At Blue Whale Apps, the destiny of the company and its workforce go hand-in-hand. Our edge doesn’t come just from our work or technology; it comes from our greatest asset, our people.

We believe that great ideas and great products come out of great minds. The success of our products and project delivery is completely sustained by our people and their expertise. Fueled by passion and driven by entrepreneurial success, all our people believe in helping clients with innovative ideas and deep collaboration.

Employee Satisfaction

Business-driven. People-focused!

Blue Whale Apps is home to seasoned professionals and some of the brightest experts in the technology domain who help us address unique business challenges of clients effortlessly. Employee satisfaction is our utmost priority as it is directly correlated with customer satisfaction and with organizational success.

We encourage our employees to express their innovative, business-centric ideas, provide them with a friendly work culture and opportunities to excel in their career along with complete job satisfaction. Our endeavor is not only to enhance professional skills for the business but also to boost the personal skills of an employee.

Work-life Balance

Fostering the sense of work-life balance!

We are an employee-oriented organization which puts its people first, over everything else. Employees appreciate a healthy work-life balance as it makes them more productive and happier. Hence, it is important for us that our employees feel satisfied and encouraged to work while maintaining a fulfilling life outside the workplace.

As a part of our office culture, we boost them to take care of themselves, get free from stress and freely by helping them in the following manner:

  • Allow them to use their sick days without any questions asked
  • Encourage them to switch off during vacation days
  • Provide them with awards and recognition for their great work
  • Arrange timely activities and events

Flexible Remote Work

Paving your path to success!

Talent, for us, is like fuel for our growth. To support our experience and imagination to design and deliver a better future, we are embracing the flexible remote work practice to propel the individual into the next orbit of growth.

We retain full trust in our employees and encourage them to manage their own work time and offer them flexible as well as remote working. By permitting employees to work from home, we give them full time to attend to their personal and family needs.

Work with Us

Become a part of the Blue Whale Apps to excel in your career and work within a cooperative environment amidst a highly experienced team of experts who come from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. We like smart and happy people with a good sense of humor and have a passion for what they do. To work with us, drop us your details and resume here.

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