Mobile App Startup Funding

When it comes to mobile application project funding, investors want to see or use the app to check the potential of the app idea or to just to experience the feel of the app. Blue Whale Apps can help you to kick-start your product to impress your potential investors. We have a team of experienced professionals who will come to your rescue when you need funding for your next app startup.

How Blue Whale Apps help in App Startup Funding


First of all, we work on your app's branding by listing down some advantages and features of your app that can help users to solve specific problems. Take for a case study the example of Uber. Here, the main problem users face is to book the cab easily. We will list down some of the features that help users to book a cab with just a few clicks. Investors will look for convenience that you can offer through the app and if you have convinced them, they will surely put their trust and money on you. The prototype made by us will be branded in a manner that investors would be able to identify the potential in it.

User experience

User experience is one of the most crucial parameters that decide the fate of the app. An app with poor user experience has a very short lifespan. Your app must be able to provide superior user experience to the users and it is your key to success. Our prototype made for your app will ensure that the user has an amazing time while using the app.

Interface design

Mobile app development companies invest in best UI designers because they know that the app with a poor or bad user interface will not get a good response from the users. We at Blue Whale Apps will make a prototype with an impressive and intuitive interface design that leaves an impression in the minds of the investors who navigates through it.

Prototype to present

Our developers will design a prototype app that you can install in your mobile device and show to the investors to use it for the demo. It is not possible to win over investors with just PPT presentations. No matter how revolutionary your idea is, they will not be able to understand it with just words and graphs and charts. When they can use the app you are discussing, it will create a psychological effect on their psyche. They will also feel that you are serious about your business and are committed to the core.

Prepare you for the investors' questions

Investors are likely to throw some questions to you to understand your seriousness and to evaluate your commitment. We will help you to prepare for potential questions from the investors and how to answer to get a competitive edge over others. Yes, many entrepreneurs are meeting the same investor on the same day.

We will help you in design systems, iconography, animation, prototype building, illustration, and visual design making.

Why hire Blue Whale Apps for app startup funding?


Our only aim is to keep your dream alive and fruitful. We will leave no stones unturned to ensure that you get funding for your amazing idea.


We are a full-fledged mobile app development company with the best resources and technologies and tools at our disposal to create an impressive and interactive prototype.


We have business analysts who will be assigned to you who will dedicatedly work for you to get funding for your project.


We are transparent and genuine and conduct business in a fair and authentic environment. You can expect integrity and honesty in our business operations.

Share your business app idea with us and let's get started now!

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