Blue Whale Apps Developed A SCORM Compliant Interactive Video Training Via Custom LMS

Digitizing A Marketing Management Course

Client Background: Our client, a leading provider of marketing management training, specializes in offering comprehensive courses aimed at marketing professionals. Traditionally, these courses were delivered through textbooks and classroom sessions, which posed several challenges in terms of engagement and accessibility

Problem Statement

A leading marketing management training provider faced challenges in delivering their comprehensive courses through traditional methods like textbooks and classroom sessions. These methods resulted in:

  • Low learner engagement
  • Difficulty in accessing the course for geographically dispersed learners
  • Limited content accessibility for complex marketing concepts

Solutions Provided by Blue Whale Apps

Solutions Provided by Blue Whale Apps

To address these challenges, Blue Whale Apps developed a whiteboard animation-based video training approach. This innovative solution included:

  • Whiteboard Animation Videos: These videos combined live footage of trainers with animated whiteboard drawings. The trainer’s video was displayed on one side of the screen, while the whiteboard animations occupied the other side. This format allowed learners to see and hear the instructor while visualizing the concepts being taught.
  • Interactive Content: The animations included icons, images, and text that synchronized with the trainer’s voice-over, making complex ideas more accessible and easier to understand.
  • SCORM Compliance: The course was packaged into SCORM-compliant modules, ensuring compatibility with various Learning Management Systems (LMS). This enabled seamless tracking of learner progress and performance across different platforms.


The primary challenge was to transform the highly technical and text-heavy content from the existing book format into an engaging, easy-to-digest digital format. The goal was to ensure that the learners could internalize marketing concepts effectively, even if they were already familiar with the material from previous classroom sessions. Specifically, the content needed to be:

  • Digitized efficiently while maintaining the depth of the original material.
  • Presented in a visually engaging and interactive manner to enhance comprehension and retention.
  • Made accessible to learners across various locations, reducing the dependency on physical classrooms.

Scorm Implementation Process

Implementation Details

The implementation process was methodical and involved several key steps:

  • Content Analysis and Storyboarding: Our team worked closely with the client to dissect the 300-page book into smaller, digestible segments. Each segment was then storyboarded to map out the animation and trainer’s script.
  • Video Production: Professional trainers were filmed delivering the course content. Simultaneously, our animation team created whiteboard illustrations that visually represented key points from the script.
  • Integration and Testing: The video and animations were integrated into SCORM-compliant modules. Extensive testing was conducted to ensure compatibility with various LMS platforms and to verify that all interactive elements functioned correctly.
  • Deployment and Support: Once testing was complete, the course was deployed to the client’s LMS. We provided ongoing support to address any technical issues and to make continuous improvements based on learner feedback.

Tools & Technology: 

  • Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro
  • Animation Software: VideoScribe, Adobe After Effects
  • SCORM Authoring Tools: Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate
  • Learning Management System (LMS)

SCROM Project Outcomes

Outcomes Achieved

The digitized course was launched successfully and received widespread acclaim from marketing professionals across the user spectrum. The key outcomes included:

  • Enhanced Engagement: The whiteboard animation videos made the content more engaging and easier to understand, leading to improved learner satisfaction. Engagement up by 60%
  • Broader Reach: The SCORM-compliant format allowed the course to be accessed by a larger audience, breaking down geographical barriers. Acquired User growth was 130% year over year
  • Efficient Learning: The course, now spread across 8 hours and 10 standalone modules, provided a structured and comprehensive learning experience.

In summary, Blue Whale Apps successfully transformed a dense, text-heavy marketing course into an interactive, video-based training program that is both engaging and effective. This case study highlights our capability to deliver high-quality digital learning solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

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