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Blue Whale Apps provides DevOps engineering services to help businesses automate their end-to-end software delivery pipeline with continuous integration, development, and collaboration, enabling rapid onboarding of applications.

Our DevOps services ensure continuous agile delivery of software with lean and agile principles, removing software development bottlenecks and fostering innovation, collaboration, and responsive feedback mechanism in the development process. At Blue Whale Apps, we are experienced in the end-to-end DevOps lifecycle, right from DevOps assessment and implementation to automation and continuous testing and management of processes.

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Our DevOps Services

Ensure continuous delivery of quality software at the speed of agile

With our DevOps services, we help startups, as well as large enterprises, align their software development, operations, and delivery, enabling better collaboration, monitoring, and automation in their end-to-end development process.

  • DevOps Consulting & Assessment

    We provide DevOps consulting and assessment services to audit your existing infrastructure and development process to devise end-to-end DevOps adoption roadmap, outlining the right set of tools, processes, and metrics.

  • DevOps Implementation

    We provide DevOps implementation services to kick-off your DevOps adoption, automating your development workflow and software delivery pipeline. Our DevOps implementation practice involves the utilization of robust tools and techniques to prevent deployment and security risks.

  • DevOps as a Service

    We help business migrate their DevOps practice to cloud, including tools, processes, and code used in the project. Being experienced in leading cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, we help you achieve better scalability and availability of your DevOps infrastructure.

  • DevSecOps Engineering

    We provide DevSecOps services to embed security in your DevOps infrastructure and CI/CD pipeline, thus minimizing vulnerabilities and risks in your software development process and enabling better compliance practices.

  • DevOps Testing

    Our team of DevOps engineers is adept at performing end-to-end testing and verification of your existing DevOps workflow and ecosystem to increase the efficiency of your DevOps lifecycle and reduce defects in the delivery pipeline.

  • DevOps Management

    We help you manage the entire DevOps ecosystem, which includes DevOps workflow, release cycles, server and infrastructure, deployment architecture, optimizing the overall performance of your DevOps initiative.

Our DevOps Expertise

Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Delivery (CD)

  • Quality CI/CD pipelines
  • Code and build management
  • Release cycle management
  • Environment & infrastructure management
  • Continuous delivery automation
  • Deployment & release orchestration

Continuous Development & Continuous Automation

  • Continuous agile development
  • Continuous configuration automation
  • Automated environment provisioning
  • Cloud architecture deployment
  • Best-in-class tools and technologies
  • Better collaboration and accessibility

Continuous Testing & Continuous Feedback

  • End-to-end testing
  • Requirement validation
  • Configuration validation
  • Automated code quality control
  • Real-time monitoring and feedback
  • Bug detection and report logging
  • Quality build and code reports

Why Us?

  1. Expertise in leading DevOps tools
  2. Certified Cloud experts on board
  3. Excellent project consulting and management services
  4. Proven delivery methodologies
  5. Customer privacy, GDPR compliance, and NDA policy
  6. Stable and long-lasting support to customers

Success Stories

Trusted by leading brands including Fortune 500 enterprises and Silicon Valley startups

Spider Door

Spider Door offers end-to-end 21st century digital solutions for Self-Storage industry. It’s portfolio of solutions includes Pay Bill, Rent Unit(s), Move-In, Move-Out, Open Gate, Report issues, Auto reminder for late payments and much more, all from the personalized native apps for iOS and Android.

It seamlessly integrates with customer’s existing gate software. All activities from the app automatically syncs back to the gate goftware and vice versa.

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Mobilears, an audiology medical application development for iPad to help patients test their hearing capacities with ease. It is an FDA, ANSI-certified, and HIPAA-compliant medical application that enables users to perform self-administered hearing tests, eliminating the need to travel to the hearing labs, thus offering convenient, cost-effective, and comfortable hearing test solution. The application features with a proprietary audio calibration (end-to-end encrypted) system, that is smart and accurate enough to work across different audio chipsets of varying iPad devices.

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Development of an enterprise event management application to host and manage corporate events for thousands of employees and internal stakeholders. This native event management applications on both iOS and Android platforms with tight integration to Salesforce CRM, simplified the event management process for the client company, improving the success and engagement ratio of their events by 53% on YoY basis.

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Devops Consulting Services and Solutions FAQ

We use various tools and platforms for successful DevOps implementation. Jenkins, TeamCity and Travis are used for Automation; Chef, Puppet Labs and Ansible for Configuration Management; OpenStack, Docker, and VMWare for Compute Virtualization; and Flocker, OpenZFS and Delphix for Data Virtualization.

Blue Whale Apps has a well-defined DevOps implementation process that incorporates the Agile principles of close collaboration between customers, product management, developers, and quality assurance for faster product delivery. Assessment and Planning, Pilot Framework Creation and Implementation form the major aspects of Blue Whale Apps DevOps consulting service offering.

Blue Whale Apps DevOps services include Assessment and Planning, Pilot Framework Creation, Process Implementation, CI/CD Pipelines, Process Automation and Security Integration. Besides, there are also DevOps managed services including Operational Management, Effective Supply-chain, Release Management, Security Management and more.

Yes, Blue Whale Apps provides an automation testing facility during the DevOps application development process.

Yes, after the successful delivery of your project, we will provide feedback based support services for initial days. Afterward, you can choose our service plans and continue our expert support services.

Blue Whale Apps is one of the promising names in DevOps implementation services. Our team is savvy in applying infrastructure as a code (IaaC), continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) approaches. Our DevOps experts will help you align your development and operations to achieve the increased frequency of software releases and improve its reliability.

Yes, even we would love to disclose our client’s name. Our clients include many top biggies like Jack Nicklaus Golf, Fox, Redbun, Avnet, HealthPro, Mead Johnson, NBC Universal, First Rate, Interactive One, Discovery Channel, Town Square Media, and many more.

No. We discuss with you your website requirements and then price accordingly. Once you have placed an order for your website design with us, we work hard so that the outlined price quote is strictly adhered to.

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You will receive our Non-Discolosure Agreement to protect your app idea. We respect your confidentiality and therefore keep all disclosed information private.


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