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There are millions of apps you can find in the Apple and Google Play stores and yet the truth is that not all apps get success in terms of acceptability and downloads. The one common reason we can give is the cut-throat competition. However, one of the most unknown explanations for this is the loopholes in the app system architecture that fail to offer good and satisfying user experience to the customers. It is the primary reason for app failures and businesses and mobile application development companies put invaluable efforts to make it right. If you want to explain app system architecture in simple terms, it is a set of patterns and techniques that are needed to be followed to build high-quality, reliable, and fully structured mobile applications. An ideal mobile app development company will take into consideration these patterns and techniques to ensure that the application is seamless and error-free. These patterns and techniques are formulated as per the vendor requirements, business goals and industry standards. At Blue Whale Apps, we have carved a niche for ourselves by offering high-quality, structured and superior system architecture development services to our clients. We have an expert team of system architecture professionals who will leave no stones unturned to ensure a robust and efficient system architecture development that serves the business goals and objectives, both today and in the future. Our system architecture professionals have vast experience and expertise in designing futuristic architecture systems that support organizational goals and industry amendments at any time in the future.

Our System Architecture Services

Device determination

There are many types of devices you need to keep in the mind, including screen size, CPU characteristics, DPI resolution, storage space, and memory management and availability of development tools. System architects at Blue Whale Apps have a clear understanding of the features of the devices that the app will support to create the right architecture.

Bandwidth consideration

Our system architects develop system architecture while keeping worse scenarios in the mind such as no availability of networks or no or intermittent connectivity.

User interface defining

We keep the user interface as simple as possible in the initial stage of the system architecture development. Cluttered UIs are the primary reason for app failure.

Navigation methods

Deciding the navigation methods is also very important to design strong system architecture. Some of the navigation methods to choose from are a single view, stacked navigation bar, tab Controller, scroll views, model controller, and search-driven.

Why Blue Whale Apps for system architecture design


Future-ready solutions

Our expert system architecture designers keep into the mind the plans you have for the app. We build system architecture that is future-ready and ready for amendments and changes.



As your customer base will increase, your app will not crash or fail to address large traffic in the future with a strong system architecture support.



With our system architecture, the app is ready to adapt and accommodate new technologies and innovative advances.


User-centered system architecture

We develop a system architecture for the app while keeping the interests and needs of the users who are going to use the app. Our user-centered apps will serve the user goals and expectations.



Our system architecture solutions are flexible enough to work with your existing IT infrastructure.

Hire our skilled system architecture experts who will design a sound and robust system architecture for your app for better user experience and seamless app functioning.

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