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If you want the best custom Salesforce app development services, you’re in the right place—even if you don’t have a clear idea about your project objectives just yet. Our Salesforce Certified Developers can help you break down your goals into actionable tasks to 10X your business growth. At Blue Whale Apps, we understand that businesses need hassle-free technology solutions, which is what we promise with our custom Salesforce app development services.

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Salesforce App Developers

  • Why do I need Salesforce integration with my product?

    Blue Whale Apps offers custom Salesforce integration solutions for in-house and third-party applications. These are just some of the reasons why.

  • Drive increased productivity

    Now, users, can operate at maximum efficiency and move seamlessly between the best application for the job. Integration extends and enhances the use case for the most critical applications in your organization and across the web.

  • Improved functionality

    Build custom functionality to increase user efficiency, capture industry or business-specific data, and automate tasks.

  • Data Security

    When the business is working in a fully integrated environment data accuracy can be trusted and there is no need to extract data for use in unapproved applications or to be stored on user devices.

  • Share data between salesforce and other applications

    Synchronize Salesforce data with your other business applications, so you are always working with the most up-to-date information across your organization.

  • Enhanced User experience

    Deliver a great user experience across all parts of the business, connecting and streamlining processes, reducing data entry, and enhancing workflows.

  • Leverage AI

    Create smart applications to automate labor-intensive tasks, extract valuable data and automatically personalize functionality for the user to make them more productive.

  • AppExchange Marketplace

    Connecting with the constellation of applications in Salesforce AppExchange Marketplace for extended functionality, and improved user experience.

Technologies and Tools We Use

Our dedicated team of salesforce developers has proven experience with the latest salesforce tools and technologies to build result-driven applications for our clients.

  • Visualforce

    Building a great user experience with smart and intuitive user interfaces across mobile and desktop applications.

  • Customer 360 Platform

    Bringing ERP-style company-wide integration across your organization. From sales, marketing, and commerce, to IT and service departments.


    Building powerful intuitive applications that effectively extract and manipulate your salesforce data to increase productivity delivers a great user experience.

  • Salesforce1

    Enables better integration with social media and other applications across mobile devices, leveraging social data for an enhanced omnichannel experience.

  • Apex code

    Building fast efficient Salesforce data access and manipulation across your organization.


    Providing user-centric CMS (content management systems) for your websites and web applications that allow your users to manage your websites and edit pages in real time.

  • Javascript frameworks

    Building multi-platform multi-functional applications and integrations to bring your organization and your data together.

  • Appexchange

    Salesforces app store provides integration with a wide range of applications. We can customize and extend these integrations as required by the organization.

  • Aura LWC (Lightning web components)

    LWC provides a new programming model and development environment for Salesforce that is lightweight and super-fast. We can use it to provide modern, secure, and highly functional web components that leverage advanced browser technologies.

Seamless data integration across your organization ensures:

  • Reduced data entry and increased performance
  • Better user experience
  • Increased data accuracy and integrity
  • Interdepartmental synchronization
  • Scalability and increased innovation
  • Multi-platform multi-application access
  • Increased security

Our Clients

We have worked for clients to develop applications that provide lasting value to their business. Over the years, we have been privileged to work with hundreds of future-thinking businesses, including leading consumer brands, Fortune 500 companies, and entrepreneurs who love us for what we do.

Client Say About us

Our diverse technology skills, innovative work approach, and industry experience are among the reasons our clients love working with us. Hear it from them.


They’re super helpful because I didn’t know anything about what goes into making an app.

Andrew Arno
Founder, Redban, LLC

I honestly couldn’t run my company without Blue Whale to develop and maintain our app.

Aaron Harwell
Owner, SpiderDoor LLC

We were pleasantly surprised by how well they did as an unknown entity in a specialized market.

Dr. David Holmes
Founder, Medical Device Firm

We've increased ROI by 3000% for our clients through our mobile application development and digital transformation consulting services.

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