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In the new age of the technological and digital world, users are more concerned about the safety and security of the data they share with the businesses. There are many security measures they take to offer unparalleled security mechanism to the web and mobile applications. However, security breaches are hard to handle and you need a robust and unbreakable security mechanism to prevent such data theft.

When it comes to mobile applications, the risks are higher than web applications. Even for companies, data exploitation and security and compliance issues are a burning issue. That is the reason, businesses are investing in developing security tools and technologies for mobile and web applications.

At Blue Whale Apps, we take pride in developing secure and safe mobile applications with the help of the latest data security tools and technologies. We have expert data security experts who know how to make your app data theft-proof. From the initial stage of the mobile app development, our developers and designers keep a sharp eye on the security measures of the app to make an app highly secure and safe and impenetrable.

In addition to that, our developers and designers also stay updated about different mobile security compliances needed to be adhered to by the development companies including GDPR. We adhere to all the security compliances and ensure no breaches and security leaks.

Our mobile security solutions

We take pride in offering highly secure and safe applications that you can trust. We take care of the different security requirements of the clients. We will align your business's priorities and security needs with the level of security that your app needs.

Internal security review

Our experts will evaluate your app's internal security to check whether any possible security breaches might happen. We will conduct a thorough internal security review for the app.

Risk and threat assessment

We will assess the risks and threats that your app might face during the lifespan and take care of such issues by strengthening the security of different levels of the app.

Code logic encryption

The encryption technology is the latest and highly preferred by mobile app developers for security and privacy measures. We will enable code logic obfuscation and encryption to make the app more secure and safe.

Adherence to language best practices

We will adhere to different practices for different languages to ensure safety and security.

Secure application design

When it comes to app design, we will take all precautionary measures to make the app safer and highly secure. Our designers are experts when it comes to secure app design.

Dependency and code scanning

We will scan the code used to develop the app and ensure that there are no issues in it that can jeopardize the app security.

Support and maintenance

Even after the app is released, we will keep a close eye on different ecosystems and address and solve any new vulnerabilities that might arise.

We have a team of best mobile app designers and developers who have years of experience in making secure and safe mobile applications and you can expect highly secure and safe mobile apps.

Why mobile apps Security


Data loss and tampering

Due to copy-paste and forwarding functions, data might be lost to cloud services and there are also operating system vulnerabilities that might promote jailbreak and root device exploitation. There are also possibilities of security bypass and malicious app installation.


Mobiles are always connected

The fact is mobile apps are always connected and can access sensitive data via untrusted networks and Wi-Fi sniffing. It might end in data loss.


Risky and malicious apps

There are malicious apps that you might end up installing which can collect and share sensitive data like important numbers, device location, communications to third parties. It is very risky and should be avoided.

Contact us now for the security assessment of your existing app and let us fix the security issues and vulnerabilities.

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