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App concept testing is a procedure to test the feasibility of the app before you start working on it. At Blue Whale Apps, we have a team of researchers who will conduct in-depth research for app concept testing to ensure that your idea is feasible and productive to gain a huge success in the market. With app concept testing services, we can identify and uncover the unique preferences and interests of your potential audience. If they are interested in what you are about to offer to them, it might make your idea a jackpot and on the other hand, if they don't want similar services or solutions, you might end up saving a huge amount of money, time, and efforts. You have a win-win situation here when it comes to app concept testing. There is another misconception that the app concept testing is applicable only for gaming apps. It is also not true. Before you start working on any app, allocate some time to go for app concept testing to get a competitive advantage over others.

App Concept Testing Services at Blue Whale Apps

We have helped many enterprises and startups to validate their app idea by offering invaluable and unparalleled app concept testing services. For your minimum viable product, it is very important to test the app concept as soon as possible to avoid huge costs and efforts.

We have three services to validate your app concept.

Initial Interaction

This is the first step and here, we will ask your potential target audience about initial tasks they want to accomplish during their first interaction with the app. Once they are done, we will make a concept sketch for them and ask them whether the sketch matches with your earlier expectations or not and whether they have any other thoughts about the initial tasks they have thought of.

This step helps us to understand what your target audience wants to do in a few first seconds on the app and whether we are going in the right direction or not.

Navigation Expectations

Navigation expectations are all about how your users use the app features and functionalities. We ask users about their expectations of how the app should move with the tap of the buttons. It gives a clear picture of the smooth and flawless navigation of your app and how it should be done to enhance the user experience.

User Experience and Satisfaction

It is all about how your users feel about your app after using it. Here, we will allow the users to describe the app with the help of some adjectives which will give honest feedback about how they feel about the app and how much they are satisfied with your product. The app concept testing will give you a detailed overview of the app idea and its minimum viable product and whether you need to improve some features or cut down some functionalities. It will have you a go-ahead signal with the existing features or ask you to revisit the app and make some amendments to them.

Why Blue Whale Apps for App Concept Testing


We are the finest mobile app development company with years of experience and expertise in building superior and robust mobile applications.


We have technical analysts who have a clear sense of the mobile application market and who knows what works and what does not in the market.


We have all the latest research technologies and tools at our disposal to carry out an in-depth study and analysis for all concept testing.


We are an ethical and transparent mobile app development company which ensures 100% confidentiality for your private data and affairs.

Contact us now and conduct a fair and balanced app concept testing research for your app idea.

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