An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Launching a Mobile App that Ensures Exponential Growth

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According to App Annie, consumers downloaded 194 billion apps in 2018, spent $101 billion in app stores, and spent three hours per day using mobile apps. The time spent on mobile apps has increased by 50% from 2016 to 2018. (source)  

A mobile user’s experience is intricately woven with mobile apps and they no longer remain a means to entertainment only. From online shopping, learning, and studying to streamlining and managing daily tasks as well as professional tasks, people highly rely on mobile apps. In addition, in the competitive business environment, mobile apps empower organizations to extend their services efficiently and stay ahead of the curve and grow their businesses by solving complex problems, engage and communicate with customers, build and maintain brand image, increase customer loyalty, etc.

Building the right and reliable mobile application will enable you to extend your services efficiently, which will ultimately benefit your business. As a mobile app development company, we often come across entrepreneurs who have ideas to develop mobile apps that can empower their businesses but are often uninformed about the technical details and the right application development process.

Hence, we have put together a complete guide to launching a reliable mobile application that ensures exponential growth.

Brainstorm and generate potential ideas for mobile app creation

There are 2.8 million apps available on Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps on Apples App Store. Hence, you must build an app that is unique and stands out among the millions of existing apps.  

To come up with a unique idea in a niche that is previously untouched as well as to deliver a product that creates unique value to the already cluttered space could be challenging. However, you must ensure that your innovative mobile app has a strong value proposition that focuses on streamlining the customer experience, coincides with your business goals, and fulfills your customer’s requirements.   

Validate the potential idea

A well-functioning unique mobile app will not be successful if your target audience does not connect with it or does not find it appealing. Hence, it is extremely necessary that you validate your potential idea and ensure its viability.

You can determine the uniqueness of your mobile app by asking the following questions.

  • Is your app different than your competitor’s mobile apps?
  • What are the features and how are they better?
  • What do you offer that is unique that is missing in other apps?

You can perform extensive research online including utilizing Google keyword planner to gain insights on your target audiences and demographics. You can also connect with your target audience directly to understand their expectations and needs. Designing your mobile app accordingly will help you deliver the right app, to the right audience, for the right purpose.  

Develop the prototype

Your app is the face of your business. It is also the channel to expand your business. Hence, for the development of the mobile application, the entrepreneur must focus on the essential details and discuss them with the chosen mobile app development company. The app development process should answer the following questions:

Research insights can help you identify –

  • Is there an increase in the demand for your services?
  • Who will be using your mobile app?
  • Is your mobile app satisfactory and catering to their requirements?
  • Is your mobile app customer-centric?
  • Does your app have the appropriate distribution/outreach channel?

Your customers are the only people who can decide the future of your app. The user experience plays a vital role in any mobile app development process. Your app UI/UX should offer a good user experience to elevate the success of the app.

Scrutinize the cost of your mobile app development

The success of your business is directly proportional to the success of your application. Before initiating the design and development of your mobile app, you must analyze the cost of building the application.

There are many variables involved such as the platform you decide to launch your app, complexity of the development process, technology stack, in-house development or outsourcing cost, etc. The cost also depends on the number of features and complexity. You can choose what is best and fits in your budget.  

Choose between outsourcing and in-house development

In-house v/s outsourcing services for the mobile app development process is one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs. Considering your budget is significantly high and you have experienced a technical team of developers, in-house app development could be more feasible. However, if you do not venture into the creation of mobile apps and information technology, you can choose to outsource from the more experienced and expert development partner.

With the increasing popularity of mobile apps, there are several mobile app development companies in the market that provide hassle-free mobile app development in a cost-effective manner. Hence, it is very important to choose the right developer that can fulfill your requirements. While choosing the right development partner to build your mobile application, you should look for qualities such as clear communication, latest technology usage, experienced professionals, cost-effective solutions, etc.

Focus on design and development

Once all the wireframes and drafts are ready, you should start focusing on design and development. The timeframe of development depends on the platform you choose. The market is flooded with different platforms, but you can choose among the two main platforms Android and iOS which cover 90% of the total app market. It is suggested that you follow up consistently and communicate with the developers every week to ensure you both are on the same page.

Consider Beta launch

Before releasing the main version of the app in the market, it is advisable to launch the beta version of the app. It can help you check the flaws in the app and get feedback from qualified users to improve the quality of the app.

Beta testing can help you upgrade the features and eliminate the bugs. Then the final version can be launched in the market.

Wrapping up

The process and steps laid out in this guide are not ‘the final verdict’. However, you can keep in mind the dos and don’ts that will enable a seamless mobile app development process:   

  • Don’t rush to launch your app in the market
  • Do not neglect the flaws of the app
  • Always keep a note on the feedback and customer’s suggestions
  • Do invest the necessary time in the development for a good quality app
  • Don’t seek absolute perfection, just go for solving people’s problems

You cannot build an app overnight. Let your app develop gradually and systematically within a complete time frame. A robust and scalable app will reap you great success and boost your goals tremendously.

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