Apple WWDC Event 2022: iOS 16 and Apple Watch Series 8

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iOS 16 and Apple Watch Series 8

This is our IOS review and updates for Apple users interested in the new IOS version and IOS app development teams interested in the new features of IOS 16 for developers.

On June 6th, 2022 during the IOS developer conference, Apple unveiled their all-new next-generation operating system IOS16. This time the focus was on app personalization, with significant enhancements and updates that will help IOS app developers customize applications and make them more user-friendly.

New features were introduced at WWDC by Craig Federighi – Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering.

iMessage Edit/Undo Send

iMessage Edit/Undo Send

iMessage Edit/Undo Send

Apple has been listening to user feedback and one of the most requested features is to be able to undo messages that are sent in error or with typos. So in IOS16 IMessages will have the ability to be edited after they have been sent. Edited messages will be marked with a small ‘Edited’ label after saving the changes.

We have all accidentally hit send part way through writing a message, now you will be able to recall the message so it cant be read by the recipient.

Finally, it will now be possible to mark messages and message threads as unread so you remember to go back and read them later.

These are small but very significant improvements by the IOS app development team that we expect most users to appreciate and take advantage of.

Lock Screen Customization

Lock Screen Customization 

The lock screen customization has had a full makeover in IOS16 with some well throughout improvements.

To access the new settings you need to press and hold on the lock screen to enter edit mode. You can swipe to try different styles as you add features and enhancements.

You can now customize the background image with a color filter and set your choice of font for the time and date.

There is a range of widgets similar to the apple watch lock screen including a calendar, activity rings, and temperature.

It is now possible to customize and add widgets to multiple lock screens and swipe to switch between them. This will be great to switch from work mode to leisure time, changing the applications that you are displaying on your home screen according to your situation. Or just flick between different ones throughout your day.

It is also now possible to set photo shuffle for your lock screen so you never get bored of your lock screen picture again.

Finally, Apple has introduced a well-requested feature, ‘always on display, this has been around on Android for a while so it is well overdue.

Notifications in iOS 16

Notifications in iOS 16

In previous IOS versions, notifications sometimes cover up the photo on your lock screen. So now notifications in IOS 16 are moved to the bottom of the screen. Instead of being displayed in a list format they now appear in a vertical carousel. This should be better for flicking through them with one hand and generally looks better than the old format.

Another problem that has been resolved in IOS16, is when you receive large numbers of notifications from one app. ‘Live Activities’ is a new tool for developers to better manage and display real-time notifications on your lock screen rather than receiving them as a whole series of notifications. This is designed to better manage the notifications from apps like sporting events, Uber, or workout apps, where a lot of notifications can come all at the same time or in short succession.

Wallet, Passkeys, and Apple Pay Later

Wallet, Passkeys, and Apple Pay Later

In IOS16 Apple pay allows merchants to deliver parcel tracking information and detailed receipts directly to the Apple Pay app. This will help users keep better track of their mail order purchases

There is now compatibility with ID cards from more states in the US and is it possible to show you are over a certain age like 21 without the need to share your full date of birth.

Sharing security passkeys with other users has been made easier in IMessage and email apps. And the wallet app can store your contacts’ passkeys to simplify the process. Apple has been working on making its shared security keys and industry-standard across devices and making them free to use everywhere.

‘Apple pay later’ will be well received by users. This feature lets you split an Apple Pay purchase into four equal payments spread over 6 weeks with no fees and no interest. Those payments can be managed in the Apple wallet app to keep on top of payment dates.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

iCloud Shared Photo Library

Also new in IOS16 is visual look-up in photos. Now you can identify objects by taking a picture of them. At the moment this includes animals, well-known landmarks, and plants.

You can now also crop objects out of photos to use in other applications like sending in messages. This features automatically identify the edges of an object that you press and drag and removes the background around it, a handy little feature that will be fun to use and save a lot of editing time.



IOS16 has already been released to the public and should be ready for download on compatible devices. iPhone models newer than 8 should be compatible with IOS 16. The full list of compatible devices is listed below.

  •  iPhone 8
  •  iPhone 8 Plus
  •  iPhone X
  •  iPhone XS
  •  iPhone XS Max
  •  iPhone XR
  •   iPhone 11
  •   iPhone 11 Pro
  •   iPhone 11 Pro Max
  •   iPhone 12
  •   iPhone 12 Mini
  •   iPhone 12 Pro
  •   iPhone 12 Pro Max
  •   iPhone 13
  •   iPhone 13 Mini
  •   iPhone 13 Pro
  •   iPhone 13 Pro Max
  •   iPhone SE

Of course, the new iPhone 14 will ship with IOS 16 pre-installed, which includes iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Before installing the update it is recommended that you back up your device and ensure that you have the latest version of IOS16. When you are fully up to date the option to upgrade to IOS16 will be shown on compatible iPhones.

Apple Watch Series 8 Unveiled

Apple Watch Series 8 Unveiled

Our IOS review and update for Apple Watch users and IOS development teams interested in IOS 16 developer updates and apple watch app development.

Also unveiled at WWDC22 is the new Series 8 Apple Watch. The Apple Watch was first launched back in 2015 and is now on its 8th iteration with some groundbreaking new features.

The visual design has not changed from Series 7, this time all updates are with sensors and software functionality with a focus on health and fitness.

New menstrual cycle tracking takes advantage of the temperature sensors that check every 5 seconds and are accurate to 1 degree. Working in conjunction with existing heart rate sensors and user-logged cycle start date to provide a detailed view of expected ovulation, for family planning. And historic data makes it possible to spot deviations like prolonged, infrequent, or irregular periods.The temperature sensor will also be beneficial to monitor for general health, exercise, and jet lag.

Apple watch app development has moved on leaps and bounds with some of these new features like the new ECG app that is now able to display readouts like an electrocardiogram which will look quite cool at the gym and may have other serious benefits.

New meds tracking app can now remind you what prescription drugs you need to take and when.

And the big talking point is the new crash sensor that combines AI software trained on 1 million hours of real-world crashes and driving with improved sensors including the new G-force accelerometer that has a dynamic range of up to 256 Gs. That combined with microphone data, GPS, cellular, and the advanced sensor fusion algorithm is purported to be able to identify when you are involved in a serious accident and automatically contact emergency services and provide them with your location.

Unchanged Key Features

Unchanged Key Features

The external case and the sapphire crystal crack-resistant front glass and always-on-display are unchanged. WR50 water resistance and IP6X dust resistance rating are unchanged. The S8 chip is effectively the same as the S6 chip that shipped 2 years ago so performance in Series 8 will be unchanged. Also included are heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level detection, sleep tracking, loud noise monitoring, and fall detection unchanged from Series 7.

Apple watch app development will undoubtedly expand into whole new fields with the advent of the new sensors that have been added to this device. We are excited to see what new applications can be created by apple watch app development teams around the world.


WWDC22 brought us a range of updates with some groundbreaking improvements in sensors and with the Apple Watch we saw a focus on health. These new sensors and features will allow developers to create a whole new breed of apps.

Extreme security enhancements provide support for the removal of vulnerabilities and an increase in privacy.

At Expert App Devs, we always believe in staying abreast with futuristic trends and current technologies. Our developers are on hand to dive into the beta version and provide your business with a capable solution with our expertise and understanding.

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