Speech Therapy for Apraxia – ENDINGS iPad App Now Available

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The National Association for Child Development and Blue Whale Apps announced today the release of two new iPad applications that assist children and adults with speech and articulation.  Both apps follow the same easy to use and successful format of the first app released in March 2012, “Speech Therapy for Apraxia -NACD Home Speech Therapist.”

“Speech Therapy for Apraxia-2 Syllable Words,” which is part of their NACD Home Speech Therapist line, is a fun, user-friendly app that practices articulation in 2-syllable words, a perfect follow-up to the one-syllable words of their other recent app, “Speech Therapy for Apraxia-Words.”,  “Speech Therapy for Apraxia-Ending Sounds” practices articulation of final consonants by providing vowel + consonant syllables.

“What makes these apps so useful is that they can be easily used by either parents or therapists, and they can be used for a variety of purposes—whether motor planning (as for apraxia), or straight articulation, or even just eliciting early productions in young children. Plus they can be used with adults as well as kids,” said Lori Riggs, Speech-Language Pathologist at NACD.

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