The 6 Best Tools To Keep Your Mobile App Secure

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The 6 Best Tools To Keep Your Mobile App Secure

There are more smartphones in the world than human beings, indicating just how critical phones and apps are to modern daily life. Mobile apps have also become an important way for companies to market their products and services, increase customer engagement, and create a direct marketing channel for consumers.

Some organizations launch mobile applications without properly understanding the importance of mobile app maintenance. They may think first about the advantages of a mobile app without considering that it needs to be regularly updated and tested. Other companies might also be using the wrong tools to ensure web and mobile app security. Another major mistake that some companies make is not encrypting the data, which can lead to fines.

Of course, a fine may be the least of your worries when it comes to web and mobile app security. A business that doesn’t make mobile app security a priority can be paying a very high price. One data breach can cost an organization millions of dollars, not to mention additional reputational damage. With these tools and technologies, you can help ensure that your mobile apps are as secure as possible.



When it comes to web security tools, there’s a reason why Acunetix always seems to make the list. First, it’s fast and easy to use, which is convenient. Second, its impressive vulnerability scanner can detect over 7,000 web security vulnerabilities. Acunetix is explicitly known for its speed and accuracy when it comes to vulnerability detection.

This automated web security tool boasts many Fortune 500 clients, and it can be downloaded and installed within a few clicks. One advantage that Acunetix has over other web security tools is that it easily scans “hard to reach” areas for other tools and technologies.



Sonarqube is an open-source tool used for static code analysis. Developed by SonarSource, Sonarqube can help reduce complexities and guide developer teams while also offering quality management tools. It was first released in 2006.

One main advantage of Sonarqube is that it supports 25+ programming languages, and its security gates can help keep code clean. The mobile app security tool offers a lot more than just bug detection. Sonarqube also provides key metrics and markets itself as the kind of tool that enhances your workflow.



If you are serious about making sure that your app is running smoothly, you’ll want to use ZAP. ZAP might just be the best mobile security tool out there, and it’s all open-source. ZAP stands for Zed Attack Proxy. ZAP is also referred to as OWASP ZAP, with OWASP standing for Open Web Application Security Project. An international team of volunteers is actively dedicated to maintaining ZAP.

What makes ZAP such a popular and incredible mobile security tool? First and foremost, ZAP is very scriptable. It’s no secret that manual app testing can take a significant amount of time and effort, but creating scripts allows these tasks to be automated. ZAP is used to perform penetration tests, and it uses auto scanners to detect vulnerabilities.

The ZAP Jenkins Plugin also means that it’s easily integrated into the CI/CD pipeline, and the Scan Policy Manager makes app testing that much more customizable.



MobSF stands for Mobile Security Framework, and it’s an open-source tool that can help ensure mobile app security. It’s capable of both static and dynamic analysis, and it’s a popular pen-testing framework.

The lead developer of MobSF is Ajin Abraham, who wanted to make sure that MobSF was truly versatile when compared to other security technologies. MobSF is ideal for developers working in multiple environments, and it also offers malware testing, supports mobile app binaries, and provides REST APIs.

What makes MobSF different from other mobile app security tools? It’s considered an all-in-one tool because mobile app test environments can be set up in IoS, Android, and Windows. MobSF is praised because it is easy to integrate, easy to use, and because of its dynamic analyzer.



Why is QARK useful? It’s all in the name, which stands for Quick Android Review Kit. QARK is a free open-source mobile app security tool that provides in-depth information and also generates reports regarding vulnerabilities and potential solutions. QARK is a static analysis tool, and it is published under the Apache 2.0 license. The only drawback here is that it only supports security testing on Android devices.

One of the most interesting things about QARK is that it was actually developed by Linkedin, the professional services platform that Microsoft acquired for $26.2 billion. QARK is popular because it can generate output in multiple formats and generate ADB commands. The mobile app security tool is continuously developed by the Linkedin team, as well.

Immuniweb Mobile Suite


The Immuniweb Mobile Suite is a cloud-based platform that offers pen testing for mobile apps, but it also offers a lot more. The platform leverages machine learning technology to enhance mobile penetration testing, which helps differentiate it from the competition. Immuniweb Mobile Suite was developed by Immuniweb, a Geneva-based application security company. The platform is also known for its ability to customize testing.

Another clear advantage of Immuniweb Mobile Suite is the fact that their subscription plan comes with on-call analysts to assist with any potential solutions.


There are pros and cons for all sorts of mobile app security tools. Some technologies might be easier to integrate into your current stack, while other security tools might be easier to use. Other organizations might care more about the speed of a particular tool, while other businesses may want more in-depth metrics or reporting. Ultimately, the best tools to make your mobile apps secure also depend on your specific objective and circumstances.

There are all sorts of obstacles when it comes to developing a mobile app, such as finding the right developers, developing the right marketing campaign, or clearly defining your target market. However, an app can’t be successful if it isn’t secure. We hope that this list of tools and technologies can help you test and secure your next mobile app.


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