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Our company handles the complete mobile app development services for our clients. We perform client requirement analysis, wireframing and visual design, development, testing, launch, and app store submission and implementation. We value the privacy and assure the confidentiality of clients’ data and information.

With our user-centric approach in design, we ensure simplicity of use to the end-users. Our team of experts leverages its experience and expertise to create the best UI/UX experience. We offer complete design and support for backend to frontend development, testing, and quality assurance. Through the pre-launch demo, we ensure that we and our clients are on the same page. That’s not the end, we also provide post-launch support and marketing.

We offer cross-platform compatibility and interoperability to accommodate all the latest technological advancements and trends. We provide the best performance and app experience thorough testing and improvement of the app to guarantee that the final product is technically sound and error-free and ready for submission to the app store. Our responsibility towards our clients does not end there. After the app launch, we provide support and maintenance too.

That’s not all! After the launch, we help our clients with app marketing services through multiple marketing and PR package options, to match their budget and needs.

Our Mobile App Development Services in Florida

We provide a complete range of mobile app development solutions to include iOS application development, Android application development, and cross-platform application development.

iOS Development

iOS Development in Florida

Our developers at Blue Whale Apps, Florida, are experienced in iOS development. We make sure that the iOS app is developed based on the latest trends in the iOS market.

iOS development is well-known for higher security, mesmerizing user experience, and better market access and consumer base. Our iOS development focuses on client requirements and UI/UX design needs. We aim to provide the best UI/UX design by adding our research and experience to the client’s needs. Attractive designs are the main traits for Apple products, so we emphasize equally on appearance and technical aspects of design and development.

iOS Development

Android Development

Our team believes in a customer-centric approach in Android development. Our development process starts with a detailed understanding of client requirements. We gather client inputs on project requirements and target users. We then perform research from our end and generate innovative ideas on the project using our customer-centric approach and design thinking methodology. Suggesting these to the clients, we then finalize the design plan.

With our vast experience in Android development, we ensure that our app performs well on a diverse range of mobile devices.

iOS Development

Cross-platform Application Development

With cross-platform app development, the developers don’t need to write new code for the different platforms. The same code can be reused. For this reason, the client does not need to spend on development separately for all the different platforms. This helps in speedy development and reduces the overall development cost for the development team and ultimately for the client. With cross-platform development, it also becomes easier to sync updates across different devices.

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients generate the maximum number of customers. If the app appears and functions differently on different mobile phones, the customers will not be able to use it with ease. With cross-platform app development, we ensure uniformity in the use and appearance of the app for the best customer experience.

Mobile App Development in Florida - Why Us?

We have successfully delivered 300+ projects and have an app store approval ratio of 100%. In 2015, we were recognized by Clutch as a “Leading Boutique App Developer”. In 2016, we got listed among the “Leading Florida App Development Agencies” on Clutch.

Then in 2018, we were again recognized by Clutch as a “Leader for Mobile App Development for Florida Region”. Recently, in 2019, Clutch recognized us as the “Market Leader for Web and Mobile development”. In the same year, we got featured among “Top 39 App Development Companies in Miami” by Manifest.

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