Apps Are Going To Be Supercharged On 5G iPhones

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Apps Are Going To Be Supercharged On 5G iPhones

Apple’s latest event seems to have created more headlines from a packaging decision rather than the new tech it released. FYI: going forward, new iPhones will not include a charging block or the signature white headphones the brand is known for.

Although those losses are shocking, the real game changer for the iPhone 12 lineup is the fact it supports 5G. Based on the presentation, all of the iPhone 12 models are capable of download speeds around 4GB/s and upload speeds of 200Mbps on the Verizon Ultra Wideband network. These speeds exceed what almost every home in the US is able to achieve with current fiber broadband offerings.

Let’s pause for a moment to think about that. The new iPhones will achieve faster speeds than desktop computers wired to fiber optic networks! This is a major shift.

So what does this mean for businesses and consumers? Don’t our phones already stream video pretty well already? Will anything really change other than quicker downloads on phones?

Everything is going to change—and apps are going to lead the way.

5G Removes The Limits On App Functionality

During the event, Apple gave an example of how doctors can use the iPhone 12 Pro to download a full diagnostic CT scan of a patient in just a few seconds. The images are made at a high resolution, so until now, it was only possible to view them on a desktop computer.

But that’s just a hint of what’s possible.

So far, most developers haven’t relied on heavy cloud computing processes that require large downloads to mobile devices. Users have never liked how long it takes just to download apps, so waiting even longer for an app to complete a complex task wasn’t acceptable. That limitation goes away now. All of the iPhone 12 models will be able to download very large files almost instantly.

The A14 Bionic Chip Is The Fastest Smartphone CPU Ever Made

The A14 Bionic Chip Is The Fastest Smartphone CPU Ever Made

The new processor is said to be more than 50% faster than anything else on the market, with a Neural Engine capable of 11 trillion operations per second. Apple also claims it has achieved an increase of more than 80% in Machine Learning performance.

This all translates to gaming quality that rivals what’s found with multiplayer online console games—no wifi or wires of any kind needed.

When you combine the power of the new A14 Bionic Chip with 5G speeds, it means users should expect an even better experience than what they can get with their desktop computers for most tasks.

Almost any program that’s typically thought to be best designed for a desktop environment is possible on an iPhone 12 (as long as you don’t need a large screen). It also opens the possibility to many of these power-hungry apps being hosted in the cloud since downloads and processing speeds are so fast. This opens up many new possibilities for real estate agents, medical practitioners, engineers, game developers, video editors and numerous other professionals.

LiDAR In The iPhone 12 Pro Will Bring AR To Everyone

LiDAR In The iPhone 12 Pro Will Bring AR To Everyone

LiDAR works by measuring how long it takes light to reflect off an object and come back to its source. The process allows the iPhone to create a 3D map of a room, with accurate measurements of objects and their depths.

If you’ve ever used an app that featured some augmented reality (AR) functionality, you’ve seen some of the early possibilities. Our faces can be converted into animals or cartoons and objects can be inserted into the screen to appear as if they are in the room.

However, current AR apps aren’t too accurate. Bunny ears don’t always line up properly with heads and the creatures in AR games don’t always look like they’re standing properly on the ground.

LiDAR allows for exact placement of AR objects after it’s used to map surroundings. It can also work in reverse, by allowing users to upload detailed maps of their surroundings. If you thought Google Street View was an amazing leap from the basic aerial view found in Google Maps, this will be another shock. As people upload detailed LiDAR maps of locations, we’ll be able to experience places we’ve never been in immersive 3D.

At the very least, you’ll be able to map your kitchen, upload it to a design firm, and get back accurate visualizations of what updates are possible—without anyone visiting your home.

More Powerful Apps Are Just The Beginning

A new frontier of app development is upon us. The limits placed on us from slow cellular networks and underpowered mobile devices are gone. The iPhone 12 has achieved parity and in many ways exceeded what’s possible on desktop computers. The next step is to incorporate more machine learning tasks into apps.

Until now, download speeds were too slow and smartphones couldn’t handle the complexity of the algorithms to do it. Apple announced that Siri is able to do much more than what she could in the past, but that doesn’t mean she’s the only AI that can be on an iPhone. Every app can access the cloud and be just as robust and helpful as she is.

Blue Whale has extensive experience building apps that incorporate machine learning, AR and access the cloud. Whatever goals you have for your app, we can make them happen.

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