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The instructional book Golf My Way is the most successful golf book of all time. Written by golfing legend Jack Nicklaus and published in 1974, it has helped countless readers learn what can be improved in their golf games and follow a system for improvement. Years later, a Golf My Way iPhone app was created that featured instructional videos, but it wasn’t updated and eventually became incompatible with newer devices.

Blue Whale helped give the old app a facelift to make it modern. Users can watch videos using a custom video player, share to Facebook, open it on both an iPhone or iPad, and easily follow Jack on Instagram, Facebook and other social media outlets.


A major golf services provider in Florida created the original Golf My Way app and wanted help to make it work on iPads and some add additional features.


Market Competitive Analysis, Digital Experience Design, Mobile App Development, 3rd Party API Integration


Objective-C, Apple Hosted In-App Purchases

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The Requirement

The Golf My Way iPhone app was one of the very first golf instruction apps available in the App Store. Version 1.0 of the app was submitted and approved in November 2009 and unfortunately, like many other apps at the time, was never updated for newer iOS versions. Eventually, it became incompatible with most devices. Additionally, the app was never built for retina displays and did not support iPads. The client asked Blue Whale Apps to update it so existing users could once again use the app. Support for iPads was also requested, along with making it compatible with newer screen sizes on iPhones. Other features that were needed are listed below:

  • Push Notifications
  • Third-Party Booking API Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration

The Solution

Since the code for the original app was outdated, Blue Whale Apps recommended a complete redesign with a fresher look to make the user experience better. This and some coding changes would also make the app compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. A new monetization strategy was also recommended by giving users a few free golf video lessons, along with the ability to purchase any video a la carte or download the entire video catalog for a discount. More additions we recommended are listed below:

  • 25+ Videos To Watch From The 1974 Golf My Way Instructional Book
  • Custom Video Player
  • Easily Follow Jack On Instagram, Facebook, And Other Social Media Channels
  • View Jack’s Career Capsule

The Results

The phone’s sensors record golf swings and log the data. The accelerometer notes the direction and force of the swing, while other sensors can log data like angles, club speed, and rotation, which allows users to see a full visualization of their swing. Pair that with a friend to record everything, and golfers have a powerful analytical tool to perfect their swings. Just like the original book, the new app will continue to expand Jack Nicklaus’ influence on the golf world for many generations to come. Some highlights from the app are included below:

  • Mobile-First Design
  • One of the best Golf-instructional apps for iPad and iPhone with a modern look
  • Secure And Hassle-Free Payments
  • Members Can Easily Manage Their Profiles And Passwords
  • Average Page Load Times Of 2-3 Seconds

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