HealthPro – Independent Healthcare App

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HealthPro platform is an all-in-one solution for independent health professionals. It offers 24/7 online real-time scheduling, Client management, Flexible billing options with payment processing, Automated Reminders, Customized Promotions and more. It is an easy one-stop-shop solution for independent health professional to hit the ground running and extending service-offering online.

“We needed an elegant solution that is also cost-effective. It was challenging to keep the mobile solution in sync with the CMS at all times since both are using the same API stack.”

– Customer

THE CHALLENGES: It was a complex project with lots of moving parts. It had to be elegant and intuitive. Above all, it had to be super cost effective.

With Health Care industry also catching up with Digital Transformation race, HealthPRO client came up with an innovative idea. The goal was to create an elegant solution that provides a cost-effective digital platform for health professionals.
Since the solution was being built ground up, the associated CMS (Content Management System) had to be kept up-to-date along with the feature-releases of the app.
It was challenging to keep the mobile solution in sync with the CMS at all times since both use the same API stack.

  • Customizable subscription plans
  • Online Presence, 24/7 Real-time scheduling
  • Business Management suite with Marketing Suite
  • Seamless Calendar Integration

THE SOLUTION: Close collaboration and tight workflow management helped meet the challenge. The intuitive and clean design was the key.

From the development standpoint, the front-end team worked hand-in-hand with the back-end team throughout the process. Our agile methodology ensured quality at each step keeping a timeline in-check.
The solution is hosted in the cloud for scalability and performance.

Tools Used: Swift, Apple and Google Map Kit, Push notification, RoR, REST APIs, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

– Solutions Team

THE RESULTS: A crafty platform that offers one-stop-shop solution for independent health professionals.

The HealthPRO platform provides an easy way for any health professional to extend their service offering online. It is more than a scheduling software.

Features: Location Tracking, SMS push notification, REST APIs, Stripe for the Payment transaction, Data warehousing for reporting and Business Management.

– Customer Success Team