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Gorilla is an exclusive social networking application for filmmakers, job seekers, businesses, and other film industry professionals. Members can quickly reach out to each other, connect with experts, and find opportunities related to their interests. The platform’s goal is to help users interact regularly and enhance their social connections by uploading portfolios and sharing their professional activities.

The Client

Based in the USA, the CEO of Gorilla is an active member of the theatre industry and acting maniac. He saw how difficult it was to find and recruit people for production crews, so he requested we create a hi-tech solution that could be added to the traditional gorilla app.


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Tools & Technologies

Swift, ROR, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Firebase, Xcode

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The Requirement

Gorilla wanted to make a premiere social app that would facilitate effective networking among various industries like film, television, and commercial. It decided to introduce a social networking app for the theatre community that would allow users to showcase their work, make friends, and connect to people with similar interests and professions. It also wanted to build a network where film actors and producers could find a crew easily within a given radius. Gorilla was looking for an experienced team of mobile application developers to design its dream product, while also providing long-term assistance with updates.

  • Push Notifications
  • Social Media Integration
  • Stripe Payment Integration
  • Search Options
  • Security
  • Intuitive and Easy Navigation

The Solution

The Blue Whale team created a plan for how to build a networking platform with all the requirements the client requested. The finished product is an advanced, yet minimalistic UI. The app is user-friendly and facilitates secure networking among actors and other professionals. The process was initiated with a product discovery workshop where we performed strategic analysis and UX design. This solidified the information architecture so the app could be handed off for UI Designs, then to our dev team to develop the app. The core functions are listed below:

  • The application allows users to find friends and peers to add to their networks.
  • Users can check updates about the activity of their friends and keep in touch. 
  • Film producers can upload film, tv, web, or print projects to recruit cast and crew members.
  • Users can upload past projects they’ve worked on that are listed on IMDb.

The Results

The launch was well received and buzz spread quickly over relevant social networks and theatre websites. Additional benefits are listed below:

  • Gorilla succeeded in its vision to create a unique app.
  • The app provides a multilingual space to help people from a variety of cultures to participate in the film industry.
  • Scalable and seamless app performance.
  • A simple mobile app was able to positively change the film industry.
  • The Gorilla app is an excellent example of Agile methodology used for development.

The Testimonial

Blue Whale Apps went above and beyond to help us create a convenient and high-quality mobile app for all who love the film community. We were truly amazed at the thoroughness and attention to detail the Blue Whale Apps team brought to our project. You won’t find a better team with this level of development expertise.

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