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Macy’s is an iconic departmental store chain. As of 2017, there were 660 full-line stores in the US. Macy’s stays sharp with providing the best possible customer experience across the board. The company has evolved to be the one-stop-shop for buying fashion clothing and accessories that are both comfy and fashionable.


The client wanted us to make an eCommerce platform that delivers a consistent and versatile shopping experience. Macy’s main objective was to provide an exceptional shopping experience through hand-held devices.


Digital Experience Design, Mobile App Development, 3rd Party API Integration


Market Competitive Analysis, Brand Identity, Brand Story Update, Consistent Visuals, Sketch, InVision For Collaboration

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The Requirement

It was critical for the app to match Macy’s brand identity. It was also imperative for our team to learn exactly where Macy’s brand fits among its competition in the retail sector. Blue Whale also needed to create a prototype that not only enhanced customer experiences for Macy’s, but also fit well with the rest of its online and offline offerings. Some additional requirements for the project are listed below:

  • Push Notifications
  • Integrating the third-party booking APIs
  • Social media integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Web Services
  • Admin Panel
  • Cloud Solution

How We Worked On The Project


It is critical to offer a marching identity to the brand. The customer experience has to be consistent.

So, it was imperative to study where Macy’s brand fits among the competition. Also, we need to understand their color pallets and identity and come up with a prototype that not only enhances the customer experience but also fits well with the rest of the line-up.

The prototype had to be fit within their brand guidelines. The main objective was to provide an engaging customer experience and enhance interaction.

Our main focus

We had to build a highly scalable mobile application that delivered engaging CX. So we had to provide the following benefits:

  • Allow merchants to adjust product inventory, track sales, and add new items in just a click
  • Allow selling the variety of products and services
  • Provide a smooth checkout process
  • Make sure the app is Stripe/Apple Pay payment methods supported

The Results

We developed a native mobile application with a personalized UI by harnessing the Magento web services. The app incorporated all the website features while accommodating new exclusive ones such as product videos, and social media channels. 

We also helped them optimize their checkout experience and integrated mobile payment gateways for enhancing the overall conversions.

The result was robust. The prototype was at par with expectations, matching with their color pallets, fitting within their lineup, and provided enhanced customer engagement.

This is how it helped our client:

  • Macy’s managed to increase transactions by a staggering 75% Transactions
  • Increase 90% revenue
  • 95% website traffic increased
  • Easy promotional updates, and push notifications!
  • Seamless checkout for reducing cart abandonment
  • Streamlined product and inventory management
  • UX consistency across multiple channels and touchpoints

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