An Educational Website Development Case Study

An Educational Website for Oregon Forest Landowners

Website Redesign and Development

Know Your Forest

Know Your Forest is an educational website for Oregon forest landowners. They have been providing educational resources to Oregon’s forest landowners, managers, and operators towards their goals of forest management and stewardship.

What The Client Wanted

The client wanted to update their existing website with a streamlined admission process and more features.

Business Goals

  • Create a website that could offer a compelling user experience across multiple devices.
  • Optimize the website design layout and the UI.


The major goal was to optimize the layout and the User Interface of the old website but this was not an easy task we faced the following challenges:

  • The old website consisted of a  huge catalog of sections and subsections.
  • The old site had major user interface issues and was extremely difficult to use on mobile devices.
  • Upgrading the same database to a new version was to be done carefully.

Our Approach


We developed a perfect design and development strategy that could help us create and sustain a high-quality website. The same was discussed with the client. We also gave all the details of the steps we were going to take to make necessary changes.

Steps We Took
  • Our highly experienced UI and UX development team carefully redesigned and redeveloped the website with a particular focus on guiding users through the educational resources they look for.
  • Our development team developed a website in Drupal CMS with numerous add-on features.
  • A custom Drupal plugin was developed to provide educational resources catalog information within the context of the website.
  • The DB migration was done swiftly with our professional back-end team. Thus, the process of upgrading the old database to a new version was completed smoothly.

Build Website in Drupal

The website was built in Drupal CMS, where numerous features of the site included a custom Drupal plugin designed to provide educational resources catalogue information within the context of the website.

DB Migration with no risk

We faced a notable amount of complications while upgrading to a new version of the same external database, which was handled carefully, and the DB migration was done swiftly by our professional back-end team.




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The Result

The client was happy to see a fully live and functional education website with additional features that made the site more responsive and engaging. We exceeded the client’s expectations by delivering the best custom Drupal CMS solution with top-notch UI/UX. It benefited the client by increasing website traffic by 200%.

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