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Digital Experience Design | Mobile App Development | CRM Implementation

Oildex is the largest oil and gas financial automation software firm in North America. It offers a variety of cloud-based products that automate invoicing, payments, field tickets management, and data transfers.


Our client already had an established web presence, but wanted to develop an oil and gas financial automation software app for accounting, ERP, mobile oilfield data collection, production, land management, and reporting.


Digital Experience Design, Mobile App Development, API Integration, Payment Integration


Swift, Android Studio, Push Notifications, Hybrid Cloud Deployment, JIRA

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The Requirement

It was critical for the app to keep its mobile tools in sync with the current web-based platform. There were several modules that needed to be connected to the app, in addition to building a simple user experience for customer service inquiries. Some additional client requests are listed below:

  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Push Notifications
  • CRM Integration
  • Payment Processing
  • Data Analytics

The Solution

Blue Whale Apps started by creating a strategy to help the client bring its portfolio of web solutions to mobile. But rather than develop them all at once, which would result in lots of bugs across the entire app, we developed, tested and implemented each part one at a time. This process ensured the app could launch faster and would be stable the first day it was released. With such a large suite of services, it also made business sense to tackle the sections individually. The process allowed our QA team to thoroughly test each element of the app before moving them into production. Some key features of the finished app are listed below:

  • Sales Opportunities Management
  • CRM Integration
  • Real-time Ticketing System For Field Technicians
  • Complete Task Order Management With Digital Signatures
  • Off-Line Mode

The Results

Our business analyst and mobile team experts were key to the project’s success. Developing one module at a time was the most efficient way to approach the task. Each mobile module resulted in increased user engagement and ran flawlessly after dedicated QA testing before release. All mobile modules offer an offline mode that helps users who have limited internet access. All updates automatically sync with the server when an internet signal becomes available. Some of the benefits the client realized are listed below:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reliable Performance With An Automated Workflow To Reduce Mistakes
  • Users Are Able To Make Better And Faster Decisions

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