Phoenix Driving – Oil & Gas Financial Automation Software App

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Oildex (Phoenix DAS previously), is the largest oil & gas financial automation software firm in North America. It offers various products that automate a process like invoicing, payments, field tickets management, and data exchange. Blue Whale partnered up with the client in bringing a portfolio of web solutions to mobile.

“It was critical not to compromise the current offering while we develop mobile solutions. We invested heavy in creating a parallel staging system to enable development.”

– Customer

THE CHALLENGES: Keeping mobile solutions in sync without hampering customer support was critical.

The platform constitutes of multiple products, services various needs for the Oil and Gas industry. As part of IT Modernization, we are taking each service software modules to mobile. Developing mobile models while keeping the existing software services in place and providing uninterrupted customer service was a real challenge.

  • Sales Opportunities management
  • Field CRM integration
  • Real-time ticketing system for field technicians
  • Complete task order management with digital signature
  • Off-line mode to support no internet data.

THE SOLUTION: From of all available service suites, the strategy was to take one module at a time, develop, test and release.

With a large suite of services offered, it made more business sense to tackle one at a time. Having to had a parallel sandbox and staging environment not only brought efficiency but also enabled our QA team to thoroughly test before moving to production.

Tools Used: Swift for iOS, Android Studio, Push notification, Hybrid cloud deployment, JIRA for collaboration and workflow management

– Solutions Team

THE RESULTS: Mobile solutions offered higher user engagement and increased operational efficiency.

Taking one module at a time turned out to be the most efficient way to approach the task. Each mobile module resulted in increased user engagement. All mobile modules offer an “offline” mode that continues to serve the fields where internet is scarce. The updates sync with the server upon having internet again.

Features: GPS location tracking, Push notification, CRM integration, Payment processing, Subscription services, Digital signatures, Payment reports, Data analytics.

– Customer Success Team