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SOAR Sobriety is a national initiative that promotes a healthy lifestyle by helping people overcome the effects of drug abuse and stop drinking alcohol. As a result, communities across the country benefit from sober living, financial success, positive mindsets, and business success.


Our client wanted to make an app that would help someone immediately quit drinking, so they can start improving their life, the lives of their families, and the communities they live in.


Branding Services, Logo Design, Digital Experience Design


Sketch, PhotoShop for some visual effects, InVision for client collaboration

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The Requirement

To assist individuals with a drinking problem, the user interface needed to be encouraging and stress-free. This was a completely new initiative, so all branding and design would need to be developed as well. And in addition to an iOS app, it needed to integrate with the Apple Watch, because the people in the SOAR program would all be receiving them. It was also crucial for the user experience to be gamified, so that users felt rewarded every day for not breaking their sobriety streaks. Some additional client requests are listed below:

  • Theme Integration
  • Games
  • Beautiful Sobriety Badges
  • Data Warehousing
  • Customizable Rewards For Achieving Goals

The Solution

Our team started by working with the client to develop the essential outcomes from using the app. From there, we worked backward to develop ways to gamify the activities and behaviors users needed to develop. Once the framework for the purpose and parts of the app were complete, we began creating the branding elements and finalized the user experience. This included our project team learning how to understand the unique needs of the end user community and their lifestyle. This ensured users would accept the messages within the app and gain something beneficial from the experience. Key features are included below:

  • Games were developed to reduce anxiety
  • Frequent rewards were included to instill a sense of progress
  • Users can make personal pledges and set reminders for themselves
  • TA budgeting tool shows how much money is saved with abstinence
  • Apple Watch integration

The Results

The finished product proved to be a design that motivates, with a user experience that effectively improves lives. The app is simple to use and highly engaging, and provides a clear path for users to follow without losing the site of the bigger picture of staying sober. A few of the benefits users have experienced are listed below:

  • The budgeting tool quickly shows how savings accumulate from sobriety
  • The reward system helps users gamify staying sober
  • Even moderate drinkers have seen benefits in how to live a balanced life

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