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SOAR Sobriety is a national initiative that promotes a healthy lifestyle by helping quit over-drinking and overcomes the effects of drug abuse. As a result, communities across the country benefit from sober living, financial success, positive mindset, and business success. 


Client wanted to make an app that will help people to quit drinking immediately to improve individual’s lives, the lives of their families, and the communities they live in.


Branding Services, Logo Design, Digital Experience Design


Sketch, PhotoShop for some visual effects, InVision for client collaboration

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The Requirement

To help individuals with drinking issues, the user interface had to be encouraging without clutters.

The ground-up initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle and recover from the health effects due to the overdose of alcohol and drug, Branding and Designs had to be engaging. The project was heavily dependent on Apple Watch reading various health points to better assist the end user. It was crucial that user interface is targeted for the community of people who are experiencing issues and compatible with their state of mind. It was also important to offer engaging experience and show the progression and effects visually, via watch app, to continue to encourage the user to use the app.

  • Theme Integration
  • Games
  • Beautiful Sobriety Badges
  • Data Warehousing
  • Customizable Rewards For Achieving Goals

The Solution

Blue Whale Apps was engaged for Branding and Design for this project. 

The key was to have an increasingly engaging brand that motivates users to stay on-track through progression.

The project team went through getting to understand the end user community, their age group, and lifestyle and reflect those into brand and designs. All the efforts creating multiple iterations of the prototype was worth.

  • Developed robust features to help you build and maintain an alcohol-free lifestyle
  • Support for both moderation and abstinence
  • Users can make personal pledges and set reminders for themselves
  • This app lets you see how much money you’re saving by staying clear of alcohol

The Results

Design that motivates, User Experience that improves lives. 

The designs and prototype are engaging. It provides clear ways end-users can interact without losing the site of the bigger picture.

  • Helped people to avoid spending too much money on alcohol
  • Helped people to avoid drinking too much
  • Helped people to moderate drinking and incorporate it into a balanced lifestyle

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