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Smart speakers are making their way in our daily lives and figures speak for themselves. As per the research, 2/3 of smart speaker owners don't use their smartphones, thanks to voice recognition technology, which is going to stay for a long period. Due to the easy-to-use interface and convenience offered by voice assistants, people prefer them more than other traditional devices. One such device is Amazon's Echo, which has Alexa voice technology app. This app recognizes your voice and follows your commands such as turning off the lights, turning on the TV, etc. Nowadays, if you are building a business app, you should consider Alexa Skills Development to enrich the experience of the customers and get a competitive edge over others.

Amazon Alexa Skills Development

At Blue Whale Apps, we have a team of Alexa Skills developers who have years of experience and expertise in building smart Alexa skills for apps.

If you are making an information-rich database, our Alexa skill helps users to navigate through the services or products easily with the help of a voice recognition system. If you have an e-commerce app, let Alexa skill help your users to find products. It will be a value-added service for your customers, no matter which business you are in.

We offer tailor-made Alexa Skills development services as per your business requirements and needs. We have a rich experience of using AWS Lambda and custom server environment to develop Alexa Skills for your business services and products.

Custom Alexa Skills Development

Irrespective of your business vertical or niche, we develop tailor-made Alexa skills for your business applications. We leverage world-class technology and the best technical skills to design a world-class Alexa-skills for you.

Alexa Skill Integration

If you have an existing Android or iOS app and want to incorporate an Alexa skill into it, we can help you. We, at Blue Whale Apps, can integrate an Alexa skill to your existing app to make your customer engagement more fruitful and powerful.

Alexa Skills Voice Design

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to build a superior and highly engaging automated voice experience for Alexa. Give a powerful and satisfying Alexa voice experience to your users with us.

Alexa Skills Testing

We have a full-fledged team of experienced testers and quality assessors who will do comprehensive testing of your Alexa Skills to ensure its accuracy and engaging.

Why Blue Whale Apps For Alexa Skills Development?


We have a team of expert Alexa skills developers with adequate experience of developing Alexa Skills for various business verticals and niches.


We have extensive experience in employing artificial intelligence and machine learning technology in various application development projects.


We have in-house capabilities of hosting and maintaining Alexa Skills.


We have a sound portfolio and a proven track record of developing Alexa Skills.


We have adhered zero-tolerance policy when it comes to data security and confidentiality.

It is the need of the hour to opt and embrace new technologies and innovations to stay ahead in the cutthroat competition. At Blue Whale Apps, we always strive to get more complex challenges to offer best and feasible solutions to our clients. Let's discuss your project requirements with our experts!

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