14 Brands That Transformed Customer Experience For Good with Chatbots

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Chatbots are conversational interfaces that are being used increasingly in almost all industries. When applied to shopping brands and e-commerce businesses, the chatbots are used to transform the user experience. Chatbots on shopping websites help in enlarging customer user base, increasing repeat sales and cut the customer support time considerably.

Chatbots on websites help people find their desired products, better deals and make easy purchases from the comforts of their homes.

Let’s have a detailed look at how the chatbots on leading brand websites are turning the tables for the businesses.

1. H&M

The luxury fashion brand launched its chatbot in 2016 on Canadian messaging chat app Kik which also hosts Sephora, Vine, Kim Kardashian among others.

The H&M chatbot plays multiple roles rolled into one. It acts as a personal shopping assistant by asking various questions according to your requirements and preferences. It shows real-time photographs from the catalog creating a personal profile.
It also acts as a fashion stylist suggesting the best choices for the customers.

The H&M chatbot allows the customers to rate the items and thus, doubles up as an influencer.

2. Sephora

The French beauty and personal care store chain Sephora made a breakthrough by introducing a chatbot that allowed the customers to have a real-time-like chat with the chatbot. By asking a few initial questions about the customer, the chatbot then directs the customer to the best possible options without leaving the messenger. It provides makeup tips and assists in selecting products.

The USP of Sephora chatbot is that it helps customers try out the products according to their skin tones just by asking them to upload a selfie. It also allows the customers to book an in-person beauty care session by directing customers to Facebook Messenger.

3. Burberry

Luxury fashion giant Burberry launched its bot on Facebook Messenger in 2016. The 161-year-old brand cut the edge by allowing people to locate their nearest store by sharing their location.

The chatbot helps the customers by making pre-made suggestions, browse through the collections, find the latest offerings under the option ‘Discover More’, apart from giving the Burberry fashion advice. A live-chat has been launched to help the customers.

In 2017, the chatbot introduced the options to explore gifts and pre-order items. In 2018, the chatbot started to send out invites to its Facebook fans to the live shows.

4. Aerie

The popular US-based clothing and lingerie retailer is another big brand on Kik Messenger. It targeted the Millenials with the belief that the new generation is more likely to get attracted to technology.

The feature which makes the Aerie chatbot stand out is the THIS or THAT feature. By asking questions and showing pictures, the chatbot tries to narrow down the tastes of the customers. The chatbot then proceeds to show the customers recommendations based on their preferences.

The company, by introducing the chatbot, has made its sales double.

5. Macy’s

The superstore Macy’s brought about a very simple chatbot ‘StoreHelp’ to help their customers locate merchandise in their local Macy’s store. Made specifically for the mobile app of Macy’s, the chatbot is easy-to-use. The chatbot page apart from helping in buying the products also suggests products and answers simple questions.

6. Nike

The Nike chatbot, Stylebot, is also hosted by the Facebook Messenger. Users can create their custom sneakers or can choose from the available styles. The chatbot also gives information about the sports gear the company has to offer all the while helping the customer in making a choice. The chatbot’s target audience is women, and it makes sure to assist them in shopping.

The USP feature of Nike chatbot is its custom-sneaker-creation. The customer can upload a picture of their choice of sneakers and choose a color from Nike’s own NIKEiD 24-color spectrum. The chatbot gives the user an Air Max 90 to match whether it’s a painting, landscape, or any other picture. This is a unique personalization feature according to customer preferences. After selecting what they like, they can finally place an order via the chatbot.

7. Pizza Hut

The Pizza giant introduced its chatbot which allows the customers to choose their pizza from the menu along with with the choice of the type of pizza, their favorite toppings, among other options of food items. The customers do not have to call, open the website or even download an app. They can order through Facebook Messenger or Twitter handle and set up the payment options.

The bot answers frequently asked questions, shows the new menu, introduces new discounts and offers, thus helping raise the sales.

8. Whole Foods

Whole Foods has been enjoying a customer rush even without the actual footfall in stores. It launched its chatbot to help customers locate their nearest store easily just by adding the zip code or an address. The chatbot helps the customers to find their groceries through the app. The chatbot also assists customers in finding the ingredients for the tried and tested recipes of Whole Foods. The chatbot of UK- based healthy food chain helps people search the ingredients through emojis. The grocer uses Facebook Messenger to help people find the items easily. Customers can order and receive their items the same day.

9. Shopify

Shopify is a messenger that assists both the customers and the merchants. Working through the Facebook Messenger, Shopify allows the customers to browse the catalog, get product recommendations, payment options, order and shipping confirmations. It also allows them to make customer service requests.

While working with merchants, it helps bring to the forth the merchant catalogs to be shared with the customers.

10. LEGO

The Lego chatbot helps customers choosing the right gift. The gift bot Ralph helps customers by providing personalized gift options within the messenger.

The choice is presented after the customer answers a series of questions like the age of the person the gift is for, location, budget, etc. After selecting the gift from the company’s catalog, the bot then redirects the customer to the company’s website for checkout options.

11. Amazon

The world’s leading retailer website Amazon knows how to keep its customers loyal. By introducing a chatbot that makes the customers reply to a few basic questions, it then connects the customers to customer care executives. It also schedules calls from the customer care executives to the customers in case they want to talk at their convenience.

Though not a text-based chatbot, Amazon Echo deserves a special mention here. Amazon Alexa, the device’s addressable name, apart from just playing music, answering the questions, telling the news, can also recite the product catalog Amazon offers. It can also reorder your pre-ordered items along with a walkthrough to some of the items you have never ordered before.

12. Duolingo

The premium language-learning app Duolingo has made learning language easy for people worldwide. Though the app helps the learners by providing pronunciation to the words, it still is not easy to carry on a conversation with the native speakers. To overcome this issue, the app has launched its chatbot which helps people practice their conversational skills and what they learned, with different personalities.

This chatbot helps the consumers to practice their skills anytime, anywhere making learning a lot of fun.

13. Tech Crunch

If you want to read a specific type of news, decide upon the number of times you would like to read it and get new content suggestions, then, TechCrunch chatbot can help you. TechCrunch uses chatbots to send you the personalized content which you have chosen for yourself. By allowing you to choose the type of news, its sending frequency, your favorite author, and new suggestions, TechCrunch gives you positive brand value.

14. Zomato

The popular food-ordering app Zomato has been on top of its game in not only delivering food but also for its chatbot. The app allows customers not only to order food from their favorite restaurants but also helps them to browse through the app by choosing by the type of food, area and restaurant name. The app allows customers to do live tracking of the food by showing it on the map along with the delivery boy’s name.

The chatbot of the app informs customers whether the food has been delivered. In the case of an issue, the chatbot before assigning the customer care executive asks a variety of questions to cut short the time for both the parties.


These brands give businesses goals to enhance their customer experience and motivate them to implement chatbots for transforming their business sooner than later. Are you looking to get assistance with the development, implementation or integration of chatbots for your online store or website? Look no further than Blue Whale Apps. Contact us now


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