App of the Month: Redban – A Club for Artists

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App of the Month: Redban

Imagine you are a member of a creative artists’ club, sharing your unique creations and talent with others and getting to know theirs! At some moment in our life, we all wish for a place where we can hang out daily for a few hours and relieve the stress of our routine life.

Yes, there is a hidden artist or an art lover in all of us. And, the major limitation to fulfill this dream is time; no time to go out after a stressful workday. Often artists have the talent and creative ideas too but are still unable to implement the same due to shortage of funds.

But, where is the “dream club” that can resolve these issues?

An Artworld in Our Smartphones!

The Redban app is like a virtual club for creative artists within your smartphone or iOS device. With the Redban app, you can interact with artists across the globe and share your unique creations with them. Artists can get exposure to great artwork and even get recognition for their work easily.

Redban – A Social Media Platform for Artists

Redban is a social media platform for artists aimed at promoting freedom of expression. It allows users to showcase their talent and thoughts without any restrictions (of content or age), follow other artists, and get followed by them. So, all you need to do is take a pic, edit it, select the appropriate category, add filters and caption, and post it!

Redban app has a lot more to offer to its users. Here are the prominent features.

  1. Quick Sign-up and Login
    Redban is easy to use. It offers a quick sign-up with a short and simple form to be filled up. Along with your basic details, you can also mention the name of your studio or brand here. This is all you need to become a member of this artists’ club.
  2. Personal BrandingRedban app enables you to create your personalized profile and add artist-bio that briefly describes you and your interests, for personal branding. This helps others know more about you and creates an online identity and image of your artwork. This helps you connect with people with similar interests (your fam) or with prospective clients in need of artists.It allows users to search for artists based on the categories of artwork. You can also list your work in specific categories so that users can get a better idea of your work.
  3. View, Appreciate, ShareApart from following others and getting followed by them, the app also enables you to show your appreciation for other artists’ work through “likes” and “comments” on their posts. You can also share their posts.It helps you communicate easily with fellow artists with its built-in one-to-one as well as group chat options for a quicker exchange of messages. An added bonus is the in-built email feature in the Redban app that helps the app users exchange quick emails with each-other.App also displays a newsfeed that you can sort by most recent or most popular. You can easily scroll down your newsfeed to see posts from the accounts you follow.That’s not all! It enables quick sharing of pics to popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Send and Receive DonationsMany times, artists are unable to fulfill their dream of creating a masterpiece due to shortage of funds. The Redban app has a solution for this too. It provides the users with an inbuilt payment option where any user can send money to another user hassle-free through the app in a couple of minutes just by adding their payment info within the app.Users or prospective sponsors can fund artists by sending donations to them through the app. The app allows artists to easily transfer these funds to their bank accounts.
  5. In-built Location TrackingThe Redban app enables geolocation tracking. Users can leverage the “search nearby” option and connect with artists near the location. Business users can use this to find and hire artists in their vicinity.

Join the Redban App Community

Redban, owned by Redban LLC and developed by Blue Whale Apps, is a free app that works on iOS devices.

Connect with the world of artists online at the convenience of your home. Download the Redban app here for free!


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