Five Ways to Market Your Mobile App

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Did you know there are currently over 8 million apps available in both the Android and iOS app store? This astonishing amount of apps can make it difficult to stand out in the crowd, especially when the goal is to prompt maximum downloads and gain repeat usage from a loyal consumer base. This is why marketing plays such a critical role in the success of an app after it has been developed. Here we cover some of the more effective ways to market your app.

  1. TV Advertising: Clearly this one is for the big dogs with the deep pockets, but if your company can swing it, it’s one of the most effective ways to market your app. Here’s why. According to Nielson research, 40 percent of people use their smartphones and tablets while watching commercials or movies on TV, making it a prime time to target app users.
  1. Advertise on Social Media: Fortunately, there are great options to market apps for lower budgets as well, social media being one of them. Currently, social media is the marketing trend used by almost every industry and almost every human. There are so many avenues to social media, and once there is traction, content can potentially be shared and connected to millions and millions of people. For instance, someone may have a blog with a lot of followers, forming a community. The blogger will also post on twitter that prompts a “conversation” vs. one-on-one communication. In turn, the tweet will receive thousands of replies and possible retweets, giving the blog (and its advertising partners) tons of exposure.
  1. Promote your Mobile Site: A great way to increase mobile app exposure is to direct your visitors from your main website to your mobile site. Many companies simply add a banner on the main site easily connecting users to the mobile site that in turn shows an advertisement for the app, featuring a download button. This is a non-pushy way of directing people to your app which not only encourages brand loyalty but also provides valuable marketing research.
  1. Present your App on “App of the Day”: By featuring your app as an “App of the Day”, you showcase your app to a large number of people directly on a smartphone. It’s a great way to create buzz and interest for your newly developed app.
  1. Launch your App with a Good Rating: While developing an app, it’s critical to invest in data-based marketing research so you can find out what people like and don’t like, make those necessary changes, and create an app that people want to use. When you launch an app with a good rating, you will create positive buzz and significantly increase your chances to having an effective, well-used app.

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