Five Trends in Mobile App Development

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  1. Faster Mobile Development: With mobile apps being more popular than ever, companies are struggling to release their apps fast enough. The challenge for app developers – reducing the time lapse between concept to creation. The result – rapid app development tools that help launch apps faster than anyone else, such as and

  1. App Security: There have been recent security concerns amongst app users in regards to hacking. In fact, an article in Gartner stated that “75% of mobile applications would not be able to pass seven basic security tests”. It is becoming more and more important that app developers increase their focus on security issues such as insecure data storage, unintended leakage of data, and broken cryptography.
  1. WIFI and Location-Based Services: Beacon (Beam) technology allows for background positioning and detection, giving new power to phones that truly make them “smart”. Check out It’s all the buzz as of late and already being used in iOS with Android systems soon to follow. Almost every industry is benefiting from this technology including retail, hospitality, tourism, education, healthcare, entertainment, travel, real estate, automotive, and advertising.
  1. Wearable Technology: It all seems to have started with the Apple Watch, and wearable technology is only going to get bigger. While most original wearables focused on health and fitness, they are now also expected to help enterprises improve efficiency and productivity. App developers are being encouraged to focus on cross-device applications that can be operated over a cellular device as well as a wearable device.
  1. Mobile Banking, Payments, and M-Commerce: A recent survey shows that “19% of commercial sales are coming from either a Smartphone or tablet.” This trend will continue to develop as more and more consumers adapt m-commerce solutions such as Apple Pay, causing app developers to build apps that have the ability to process transactions without the need for cash or credit cards.

For more information on other mobile app development trends, check out this article from If your company is in need of an app, give us a call! At Blue Whale App Development, our mobile app developers stay on top of the latest trends, using the most up-to-date technology to build apps that create results.


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