IBM MobileFirst for iOS Reaches Goal: More than 100 Apps Developed for Corporate Users

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This past Wednesday, Apple and IBM announced that their 2014 collaboration, IBM MobileFirst for iOS, has more than 100 enterprise-focused apps developed to work across iPads and iPhones – accomplishing a goal set at the onset of the relationship. For Apple, who has traditionally focused on individual tech users, this new venture is definitely a leap into a different direction that exclusively targets business consumers. The new apps are tailor-made for corporate teams and work alongside IBM’s corporate analytics, security, and cloud-based services.

While both companies are thrilled with the 100 app milestone, according to a statement in Mashable from Katharyn White, VP of the Apple and IBM partnership at IBM Global Business Services, “the number was secondary to the achievement of having an impact across 14 industries and 65 individual professions, from travel to telecommunications.” She also stated, “It’s even more powerful to see these are coming through amazing use cases. Whether nurses or insurance agents, manufacturing managers or retail shop workers.”

They are off to a good start with a client list that includes big players like Coca-Cola Amatil, Japan Post, and Scandinavian Airlines. Soon Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank will use the MobileFirst Trusted Advice app so financial advisors can manage their customer portfolios on iPads. Vodafone Netherlands will use an Expert Seller iPad app so account managers can access information about the company’s product portfolio while on-the-go.

In 2016, Apple and IBM have big plans for their partnership and plan to add more apps, add value to existing apps, and take full advantage of the iPad Pro’s larger screen size and multi-tasking capabilities – all with the intent to attract more and more corporate users.
Where else will Apple take app development in the future? Share your thoughts!



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