Speech Therapy App Now Available For Nook & Kindle

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Speech Therapy App for Apraxia is now available on 3 of your favorite tablets – iPad, Kindle, and Nook!  Blue Whale partnered up with The National Association of Child Development to deliver an app that is fun, user-friendly, yet still a good way to help children and adults with apraxia/dyspraxia practice basic speech sound.

Since the release of the iPad app, it has continued to stay in the top charts for medical apps.  As well as gaining positive feedback from several different speech pathologists and parents.  There was no way the Blue Whale could pass up the opportunity to provide an outstanding app to users with different tablets.  Lori Riggs, Speech-Language Pathologist at NACD said: “It was important to us to develop an app that parents can use at home for speech practice with their children but that is also an effective tool for therapists.”
Our Speech Therapy App is only $4.99 compared to other apps that can be quite costly and doesn’t provide the same quality.   It has been proven that our app is of great quality, useful, and unique!
If you’d like to preview our app before you purchase it, feel free to watch our video where Lori Riggs, with the NACD, takes you through the app.
Get your Speech Therapy App today!


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