AI Is The Future: Leaving A Mark On The World

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AI – The Right Recipe For Success!

Like it or not with recent leaps in technology, machines are claiming new territory. The seemingly unfettered growth of Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining momentum while helping businesses save time and money by making the processes more efficient using multiple cutting-edge automated tools.

AI is a compilation of various next-gen technologies including machine learning, deep learning, big data analytics, neural networks, chatbots, automated tools, natural language processing and more which enables machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn automatically.

Fundamental Advantages of Artificial Intelligence Include:

  • Help reduce errors and increase accuracy with great precision
  • Boosts the processing speed by adding intelligence and automation
  • Adopts machine learning algorithms to simplify search, optimization, and evaluation
  • Helps in performing an in-depth analysis using Big Data to get the most out of the complex data
  • Enables systems and machines to work continuously to perform repetitive jobs accurately

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Your Digital Transformation Journey

Did you know approximately 63% of businesses have adopted AI to outperform the competition and generate results? In this new era of digital disruption, AI is unlocking new potentials and starting to reinvent business models.

AI is a true game-changer for businesses promising improvements in decision-making abilities, customer service, and data-crunching capabilities. Fast-thinking companies have already recognized the important convergence of digital, AI, automation, analytics and machine learning into the business models in order to stay afloat in the market.

Technological innovations are leaving their fingerprints on every industry driving organizational agenda and making operations autonomous and smarter.

AI has influenced many industries such as:

Customized AI Solutions To Empower Your Business

AI for Retail

Create immersive shopping experience for your customers with AI and effortlessly understand their personal style preferences and determine pricing points. You can also use this real-time information to show trending products to influence their buying decision. AI can help you become their shopping assistant and bring you closer to your customers.

You can partner with Blue Whale Apps to get access to personalized AI solutions and revolutionize the future of your business. Redefine your processes by using our technical know-how and analytics services and get to the top of the competition. Our areas of expertise include:

Artificial intelligence is a technology that is majorly impacting lives and industries. At Blue Whale Apps, we believe that machine learning and AI will create the next quantum gain in boosting business revenue and customer experience. We help transform businesses with custom-built AI and capture hidden patterns from their complex data through a unique blend of next-gen technologies and business acumen.

We Provide The Following Solutions To Harness The True AI Potential:

  • AI to Boost Sales: We help you make your sales technology smarter. Automate your manual data entry with AI in action. You can also know about your sales deals through your calendar, phone and email interactions with AI that automatically binds and monitors your pipeline so that you can focus on matters that are more important. Make AI your sales assistant which will ensure nothing falls through cracks.
  • Innovative AI Marketing Solutions: Get user behavioral information, buying patterns, accurate predictions, and qualified leads which can help marketers categorize and build audiences and enhance the customer experience. AI can also help you with automating customer recommendations, predicting customer emotions, email timings, and timely purchasing behavior.
  • AI for Customer Retention and Customer Service: AI can help you capture customer demands and signals that humans might miss and then find correlations from the available customer data. You can now take proactive steps based on these actionable insights to satisfy your customers.

The future of AI is quite promising, and it is definitely here to. Even though it is currently at a nascent stage, it will only become more powerful, practical and useful by automating certain jobs and augmenting others coupled with machine learning, business intelligence and big data for valuable real-time insights.

By 2020, it is predicted AI market will cross over $153 billion. Even today, we are using AI in many applications such as voice-based products like Google assistant, Siri, Alexa, Chatbots, Facebook Messenger Bots along with other major advancements like self-driven vehicles, behavioral algorithms, personal bots, and suggestive searches, etc.

The truth is AI will never stop expanding. When it truly blossoms to become smarter, faster and more human-like, it will have a huge impact on people’s day-to-day lives solving problems in real-time.


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