So you have decided to embark on the exciting project of building an app. But it would be wise to plan your budget before you fully start the project. It’s easy to get carried away with the most interesting part of designing and developing the app itself. But have you considered that it will all […]

Introduction Rapid technological breakthroughs have recently altered the supply chain and logistics industries. Businesses are turning to cutting-edge technologies to optimize their operations due to the rising demand for the effective, affordable, and sustainable supply chain management. Supply chain management and logistics technology services are undergoing a change thanks to new innovations like blockchain and […]

Clinical trials are a crucial step in the field of drug development, increasingly clinical trials are being managed through Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS). CTMS software makes managing and organizing clinical trials easier by automating many of the processes involved in the collection of trial data. In this article, we will look at the fundamentals […]

What is a ‘Shipping API’? Shipping APIs (application programming interface) is a collection of standards and protocols for integrating various software platforms. A shipping API enables you to integrate your e-commerce platform, warehouse management system, or other software with a carrier’s systems to manage shipments, and send and receive data relating to them. Customers can […]

What is Amazon selling partner API? Amazon API services also known as SP-API is the updated suite of utilities that Amazon provides to its selling partners that allows them to integrate their websites and apps directly into the Amazon platform. Using an updated set of REST APIs that allow developers to interact with and share […]