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In today’s digital age, technology has become an indispensable part of our lives, revolutionizing the way we work, communicate, and access vital services. However, one area that has often lagged behind in terms of technological innovation is the realm of government agencies and public services, particularly those related to healthcare. The Centers for Medicare & […]

We are proud to announce that Blue Whale Apps has been featured in a press release of the leading wearable app developers of April 2020, published by TopDevelopers.co, a reputed research and review platform of B2B IT service providers Ever since the launch of Apple watch, the concept of wearable devices has spread like wild […]

Cloud technology is a necessity today, not an option. Businesses are rapidly shifting to the cloud to leverage the benefits of flexibility, hassle-free updates, low-cost & convenient disaster recovery, reduction in hardware costs, improved collaboration among staff, the privilege of access/work from anywhere, security, and many more! Forecasts indicate that the cloud infrastructure services segment […]

As a front runner in digital innovation, Blue Whale Apps is devoted to using emerging technology solutions to help start-ups, as well as Fortune 500 companies, to achieve their business goals. We’re a creative, innovative, and strategic team that works hard to find revolutionary solutions to the most complex digital problems. Technology consulting, custom app […]

A smart city is an urban locality or a city where the infrastructure and operations are interlinked and connected to the IoT network through various devices and sensors. The system helps collect and analyze data and leverage the insights from this information to efficiently manage resources and services. It is a framework of IoT and […]

With the dependence on technology worldwide, cybersecurity is becoming a serious concern. According to Statista, the global cybersecurity market size is expected to grow over USD 248 billion by 2023 (Source). Today, artificial intelligence is gaining immense popularity for its contributions to cybersecurity. AI helps in cybersecurity in three major ways or stages to include […]

CRM or Customer Relationship Management Solutions are applications that help a company manage interactions with their potential or existing customers and understand them well. This helps improve business relationships with customers. Good CRM solutions contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction and retention and thus improve sales. Multiple types of CRM solutions can be utilized by businesses […]

Microservices is a term used for the concept of breaking down applications into smaller components that work together. With this break-down, the application becomes easier to build and maintain as each component is then independently developed and separately maintained. Microservices offer the benefits of developer independence, isolation, scalability, and lifecycle automation to applications. Containerization is […]

Facial and image recognition APIs have changed the world around us. Most importantly, these provide us a secure experience. The biometric access system at our workplace is the simplest example of this! With so much utility that the facial and image recognition has, there is already a huge market for face recognition worldwide that is […]

Blockchain technology is gaining immense popularity due to the security it promises along with many other advantages. Businesses have realized the importance of blockchain and the market it is expected to create in the coming years. Blockchain is the future of business apps. So, business owners and app development companies need to keep up-to-date about […]