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In an increasingly digital world, public sector web portals have become vital platforms for citizens to access government services, information, and engage with governance processes. Developing these web portals to be reliable and user-friendly is not only essential for enhancing citizen experiences but also for ensuring efficient and transparent digital governance. This article delves into […]

In 2010, the United States Department of Justice released specific guidelines for all public organizations to follow to become accessible to all people with disabilities. This includes all disabled people who use computers and smart devices. Becoming ADA compliant is a proactive effort to not only make all organizations inclusive but also a proactive way […]

What is Web Accessibility? You may have heard the phrase “web accessibility” before, and its meaning is quite simple: web accessibility is ensuring that anyone, even if they are disabled, can access and use your website, app, or software. Technology has transformed our lives completely, so why not ensure that everyone can access it? Of […]