Top 7 App Marketing Strategies of 2019

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These days, almost everything is available to us in the form of an app. Whether you want to check the live match scores or you want to know about upcoming events in your locality, you will find an app for it. With app development becoming easier than ever before, more and more service providers are joining the bandwagon. The result of this is that there are multiple apps available for similar services. With competitive pricing, it is how apps market themselves that decide how much they will sell for.

The thin line between an app being a success or a failure lies in the fact whether it can reach out to the audience or not. And merely introducing an app to the world will not suffice. The interesting aspect of app marketing is the fact that most of the marketing strategies that people learn in B-schools will not be applicable here. Marketing strategies are very important in the world of apps, as apps are updated every day. Considering how transient app marketing strategies are, here we have hand-picked top app marketing 7 strategies that are doing the market rounds this year.

1. Make The Best of Social Media

According to a Forbes report, an average millennial spends 1.8 hours daily on social media. In such a situation, social media is the most appropriate platform for you to engage with the audience. For this, invest your time and effort in learning how to get viral here. You can start by making relevant videos and posting them online. You will be amazed to learn about the fan following influencers have. See if you can collaborate with any of them (or at the very least have their followership). Using hashtags, tagging influential people and going live will help you make the right amount of noise in relevant circles. Most of the successful apps of 2019 have used this app marketing strategy.

2. Get People To Review Your App

You will be surprised to see that a major chunk of Android and iOS users are not very comfortable with installing new apps and using them to their full potential. No matter how detailed your instructions are, they will be hesitant about the app. The best way to get such people to use your app would be to get someone amongst them who will review the app for you. At the nascent stage, you can pay people to review your app. The investment at this will pay off. Also, give people the option to review your app. It is okay if all the feedbacks are not positive. Sit back and relax as a couple of negative reviews will not be able to undo all the effort that your team has put into its development. If at all, it will only make the reviews look more genuine.

3. Register For App Awards

Most people who follow the recent developments in apps are familiar with the concept of app awards. Participating in these awards will give you good exposure and that will pave the way for more downloads and usage. However, most of these awards are held annually and have limited slots. So make sure that you know the schedule, do your research on which ones to apply to and do the same within the deadlines. The story of getting a huge number of downloads is true even if you aren’t a winner in such awards but make it to the top 3 or 5. In case you do not make it there, you must not lose hope and look for other methods of promoting your app.

4. Start Blogging

Most people who experiment with a lot of apps, spend a considerable amount of time reading app related blogs. Thus if you can come up with blogs that focus on your core interests, you can establish an online presence. If you can create the blog before launching the app and talk about your little successes and failures in the journey of making the app, your readers will feel more involved. To make the most of this app marketing strategy, make sure all the content that goes to your blog is SEO optimized. By keeping away from plagiarised content, you will be able to get more web traffic to your blog. The more people read your blog, the higher will be the app downloads.

5. Guest Bloggers

Understand that at all times your words may not be enough to convince people that the app is worth a download. Asking guest bloggers to write for you will help you to engage better with the audience. The more established and famous your guest blogger is, the better it is for you. This app marketing strategy is relatively new and you need to exercise extra caution when using it. Make sure that the posts by your guest bloggers are not promotional. Encourage them to write about the latest app trends or anything interesting that is relevant to the app. The writings should be such that they make the reader inquisitive and compel them to download the app.

6. Video Marketing Technique

While blogs are an efficient way to attract intellectual strata, a better way to reach the masses would be through videos. In the video walk your users through the whole app while focussing on how well-built it is. Often, people don’t even realize that they are facing an inconvenience concerning something, until and unless a solution to the problem is brought in front of them. The trick to making a successful video is that it must answer all the questions that users might have concerning your app. Understand that a major segment of the audience includes tech illiterates and your video should be able to cater to them as well. Also, do ensure that your video is no longer than 2 minutes. As this is a generation that has the attention span of a goldfish, anything longer than that will fail to hold the audience’s attention.

7. Engage The Audience

Understand that when you start, you may need to offer some bait to people to use your app. If your app has the provision of in-app purchases, try to give out discounts in the initial days. Alternatively, you can try hosting some competition that is relevant to your app. Coming up with hashtags for the competition and encouraging the participants to use them will give you an advantage in the world of social media marketing. While hosting any competition online, make sure that you are very particular about deadlines and that you have an unbiased outlook when judging. Also, announcing the winners in public will go a long way in giving you an online presence. You can look for other innovative ways of setting out baits as well.


A closer look at all the successful apps of 2019 will reveal that their marketing strategies involved one or more of the above-mentioned points. With a huge number of apps expected to hit the market in the latter half of the year, we only have to sit back and watch what new comes up in the world of app marketing. One of the strategies that we are sure will succeed is that of social media marketing. For the rest, we will have to hold our breath and wait.

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