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Introduction To Mobile App Development Cost The creation of mobile applications is now an essential component of every company’s digital strategy. Businesses are expected to give their clients quick access to their goods and services using mobile applications in today’s mobile-first environment. Nevertheless, creating a mobile app is not an easy task and is expensive. […]

“How much does it cost to build an app” As a mobile application development company, this is usually one of the first questions that many people ask. But there is no one simple answer because there are so many variables and factors to consider. So in this article, we will cover what decisions you need […]

Cloud technology is a necessity today, not an option. Businesses are rapidly shifting to the cloud to leverage the benefits of flexibility, hassle-free updates, low-cost & convenient disaster recovery, reduction in hardware costs, improved collaboration among staff, the privilege of access/work from anywhere, security, and many more! Forecasts indicate that the cloud infrastructure services segment […]

The world of technology evolves constantly. It aims at improving the lives of people worldwide. That’s why software development evolved from websites and web portals to mobile apps. Now, it’s surging a step further, to progressive web apps. Progressive web apps are just application software delivered through the web or in simple words, just a […]

As a front runner in digital innovation, Blue Whale Apps is devoted to using emerging technology solutions to help start-ups, as well as Fortune 500 companies, to achieve their business goals. We’re a creative, innovative, and strategic team that works hard to find revolutionary solutions to the most complex digital problems. Technology consulting, custom app […]

A smart city is an urban locality or a city where the infrastructure and operations are interlinked and connected to the IoT network through various devices and sensors. The system helps collect and analyze data and leverage the insights from this information to efficiently manage resources and services. It is a framework of IoT and […]

Emotion detection is the process of recognizing or identifying different human emotions to include happiness, sadness, surprise, disgust, fear, anger, neutral, and more. With changes in the emotional state, a person’s body-language changes altogether. There are visible changes in facial expressions, speech, gestures, movements, etc. These parameters or body language traits are leveraged for automatic […]

With the dependence on technology worldwide, cybersecurity is becoming a serious concern. According to Statista, the global cybersecurity market size is expected to grow over USD 248 billion by 2023 (Source). Today, artificial intelligence is gaining immense popularity for its contributions to cybersecurity. AI helps in cybersecurity in three major ways or stages to include […]

Augmented reality is one of the most popular trends in app development  today. This is because AR apps offer higher user engagement and interactive user experience. AR apps are getting popular in all major industries. Studies show that the AR market is expected to reach USD 60.55 billion by 2023 (Source). Businesses are leveraging AR […]

CRM or Customer Relationship Management Solutions are applications that help a company manage interactions with their potential or existing customers and understand them well. This helps improve business relationships with customers. Good CRM solutions contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction and retention and thus improve sales. Multiple types of CRM solutions can be utilized by businesses […]