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Summer is finally here and for many of you, it means it’s time for VACATION!  No matter where you are going, these IOS or Android apps can get you there and help you find things to do once you arrive.
Research and Reservations: Best apps for booking travel arrangements including flights, hotels, and car rentals.

  • Hipmunk – IOS and Android, Free

With its clean design, this mobile app makes finding hotel deals and flights easy.  This app is unique in that you can sort your search results with a filter called Agony.  Rather than seeing less expensive and longer flight options first, you will see itineraries with the least amount of layovers and hassles at the top of the list.  Bonus feature – you can create fare alerts for a particular search and the app will notify you when there is a better deal.   The negative – you can’t book travel from the app and can’t set specific price alerts for flights or hotels.

  • Trivago – IOS and Android, Free

The map on this free app makes finding a hotel in your specific area very easy.  Type in the city where you want to stay, choose your dates, make a room selection, and run your search. Results can be filtered by price, rating, and amenities. For each hotel listed, you’ll also see prices from the major booking companies (Expedia, Priceline,, Travelocity). The negative – you can’t book a reservation in the app, and you can’t sort prices by room type.

  • Kayak Pro – IOS and Android, $.99

Kayak is best known for finding flights across several airlines, but updates over time have added several features to help plan your entire trip.  Simply select your departure and destination locations, and Kayak will return results from several airlines so you can browse prices. On the left side of the screen, search with touch buttons for hotel reservations and rental cars, use a flight tracker, and set price alerts for flights.  The negative – you can book though Kayak, although it’s often better to book directly with the airline to make sure you get the best deal.
Things to Do: These apps were developed to help you navigate your surroundings once you arrive to your travel destination.

  • Google Translate – IOS and Android, Free

This app can help translate 80 languages without having to be online to do so. Type or speak a word or phrase that you need translated, and the app will say the words back to you. There’s even a feature that allows you to snap a photo of text you need translated, and then use your finger to highlight the text on the screen that you need deciphered. The negative – you need to download large language packs before you go offline.

  • Foursquare – IOS and Android, Free

This easy-to-use app is loaded with information on things to do, places to go, where to eat and more.  Whether you are planning your activities before you leave or once you arrive, you will find all the hot spots by just entering the location and browsing categories such as Arts & Entertainment and Nightlife. The negative –the short tips members leave do not always provide a ton of information.

  • LocalScope – IOS only, $2.99

LocalScope is a social data-powered GPS app that pulls info from popular social networks to bring you information on what is near your current location.  For instance, if you are searching for “seafood” in a particular city, the app searches through websites such as Yelp, Foursquare, etc. and returns results in a list. Developed to be useful for finding interesting sights that you can discover while on your trip, you can often make accidental discoveries by seeing what other people have posted to various sites. The negative – you only access to information that people post about.
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