What’s New in Apple HomeKit for 2020?

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As we enter 2020, users of the Apple HomeKit supported Smart Home Devices have ample reasons to relish and celebrate the latest HomeKit updates. In 2019, HomeKit saw continued developments and improvements to include the latest December updates.

The focus of the recent HomeKit updates was largely on security. There are other significant and interesting updates too to improve the smart-home experience for Apple fans. With these updates, more home devices compatible with HomeKit are expected to rule the world and users will be able to adopt these devices with ease due to the added security features in the HomeKit platform itself.

Smart Homes aren’t a new concept anymore. Your home devices are interconnected on your IoT network so that you can easily manage all your devices conveniently from one place. But, this amazing facility comes with its own share of risk.

Non-secure or poorly protected smart home devices and weak router security collectively put the users to cybersecurity threats and attacks. For example, in case one of your smart home devices is hijacked, the other devices are also vulnerable to the attack being connected through a common network. This can have a much disastrous result overall.

The latest HomeKit updates have sorted out this issue for you. So, what are these important updates to the Apple HomeKit platform that will emphasize on improving security and comfort to your smart homes? Let’s see here!

Security Features Added in Apple HomeKit

1. HomeKit Secure Videos

HomeKit Secure Videos is an Apple HomeKit security feature added recently for HomeKit enabled cameras. This feature enables local processing of the video captured by your camera to determine what triggered a motion event. It is capable of distinguishing between people, pets, or cars.

With this, on detection of motion, the videos or clips get securely recorded. These are then encrypted, sent, and saved to the homeowners’ iCloud at no additional charge though it does require having an iCloud plan.

The biggest advantage of this feature added recently is that these recordings can be viewed only by the camera owner or anybody invited to the owners’ house. Thus, nobody else can see your videos; not even Apple!

The earliest devices coming up in 2020 to support HomeKit Secure Video are the eufySecurity eufyCam 2 series, Logitech Circle 2, Netatmo Smart IndoorCamera, Netatmo Smart OutDoor Camera, and Robin ProLine Doorbell.

2. HomeKit Enabled Routers

The HomeKit enabled routers will offer firewall protection to your home devices at the router level. If a large-scale attack occurs around one device, these routers, by automatically creating a firewall between devices on your network, will ensure that multiple devices will not get affected.

HomeKit-enabled routers offer the option of manually controlling the communication of these devices with each other and with the internet. It allows the users to choose the security levels from restrict-to-home, automatic, and no restrictions. With restrict-to-home settings, nobody will be able to access the HomeKit-enabled devices from outside your network, not even you. In automatic settings, the devices will be able to connect with the home router, devices around the home, and approved services on the web.

In 2020, you can expect to see HomeKit-enabled routers from Eero, Eero Pro, and Linksys Velop Mesh Wi-Fi Systems in the market.

Other Important Updates to HomeKit

3. HomePod Hub Improved

HomePod automation hub now has improved the ability to recognize the voice profiles of family members. Furthermore, it gives family members the option to enable/disable personal requests.

With the recent updates, HomePod now has multi-user support too. That means, it can recognize individual voices and identify between different people.

Another interesting addition is the handoff updates. You can now handoff audio playback or phone calls to a HomePod just by tapping the top of the smart speaker with your iPhone.

4. HomeKit Open-Source ADK

Not just the users, Apple has an exciting gift in HomeKit update for developers too, in 2020. It is the HomeKit Open-Source Accessory Development Kit. Apple is open-sourcing portions of its HomeKit ADK to help developers prototype non-commercial smart home accessories. Besides, Apple will also contribute its HomeKit Accessory Protocol for this initiative.

While assuring safety and security to users, this initiative is expected to improve the compatibility of smart home devices across multiple platforms and provide a better experience to the users.

Wrapping Up

The HomeKit updates have opened the doors for a vast range of new smart home devices from various trusted brands worldwide.

Resulting from these updates, an amazing range of devices is expected to join the community of HomeKit supported devices. In 2020, you can expect to see these devices in the market to include Abode Smart Indoor/Outdoor Camera, Blue By ADT Smart Doorbell, and Blue By ADT Smart Indoor, and Outdoor Cameras.

With these updates in the HomeKit, users will have amazing smart homes with no security threat. So, enjoy secure and smart homes in 2020 with Apple HomeKit updates!


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