8 Benefits of Owning An iPad

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So, what’s the hype about the iPad? It’s just bigger than an iPhone and smaller than a laptop. There’s so much more than what meets the eye.  Apple has recently introduced its third-generation iPad in less than two years of the original model on March 16, 2012.   Now, more and more people are starting to believe in the tablet and making it more useful than their laptop and desktop computers.  Let’s go beyond its cosmetic excellence, and see why the iPad is so fantastic.

1. Portability = Convenience

Lugging around roughly 6 pounds is much more of a hassle than 1.44 pounds, just sayin’!  The iPad is lightweight and its slim self can be tucked away in a purse, satchel, briefcase, handbag, etc.  Most laptops require some spiffy case that needs an extra hand.  Save yourself the hassle.

2. Battery Life

Inside your spiffy case, alongside your laptop, is the 18-foot cord attached to the bulky battery that juices it up.  Thankfully, the iPad comes equipped with a solid 10 hours of multi-use capabilities.  Including Wi-Fi, web surfing, watching videos, listening to music and so on.

3. Easy To Use For All Ages

Not only is it easy for the typical technologically savvy person, but it’s useful for children, adults and the elderly.  Apple is known for its user-friendly products and the iPad is just that.  Children can engage better with the larger screen and the elderly can easily zoom in to see better.

4. Allows For More Interaction

Due to its large display, it makes it more enjoyable to play games, see pictures, and watch videos for yourself or with others.  Playing a game app easily presents it to all those who are playing, so put away the messy board games because they most likely have an app for it.  If you have Netflix, you can instantly watch TV shows and movies right from your iPad. Woo! If you don’t have Netflix, you can watch free from websites- not as cool though. Also, it is more interactive for children who use it for learning.

5. Office Use Even On The Go

Away from the office but need to make a word document, spreadsheet, or presentation?  Have a conference meeting to attend but can’t make it back to the office on time?  Does your client need an important document put in DropBox while you’re at lunch?  Ah, don’t fret!  Your iPad can easily manage all those tasks for you.  Just get the respective app to help you with that.

6. Never Leave An App Again

One neat feature with the iPad is you can scroll through all your open apps without having to leave one to access the other.  Okay, so your open apps are Angry Birds, Facebook, Fruit Ninja, Pandora and say Twitter.  Now, you’re in Facebook updating your status and want to tweet it, just swipe your finger until Twitter appears.  Less work for your little fingers.

7. Picture Perfect

Yes, the iPad has a camera allowing you to take awesome pictures and videos.  Now, what’s even better is you can take all your photos and edit them from the photo app itself or your coolest photo editing apps that you’ve downloaded.

8. Keep Your Arm And Leg

Granted, $300-$600 is a pretty hefty amount; it is better than spending over $2,000 for a laptop.  Therefore, with all that has been said, you’re saving yourself three times the money you would spend on a laptop by buying an iPad that can do almost all the same things!  So, it’s like losing a finger, instead of two limbs!

And if you’re still unsure about the iPad and all I’ve discussed, go into your local Apple store, Best Buy or wherever else they’re sold, and play around with one.  And I promise you to get to keep all your body parts.

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