Fiftythree’s “Paper” App in Development for iPhone

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Exciting news in the app development world and for Apple fans everywhere – Paper by Fiftythree, the mega-popular iPad drawing app, is coming to the iPhone.  According to a blog post on their website, the critically acclaimed app will soon make its big debut, but has yet to provide a release date.
Named the best iPad app of 2012, Paper is known for the way it “faithfully recreates the experience of drawing on a typical piece of paper” and allows users, from beginners or experienced artists, to “produce remarkable pieces of art”.  Not limited to just drawing, Paper is also used to sketch fresh ideas whether it be for a new product, kitchen remodel, or business plan.  It also is often used to create webpage layouts, and quick and easy presentations. The app will be free and its Bluetooth stylus, Pencil, will be fully supported.

With the release of the larger screen iPhones (4.7” on the iPhone 6 and 5.5” on the iPhone plus), it makes sense for Fiftythree to develop its popular app for iPhone.  Speculation also suggests that with iPad sales down, it’s a smart move in order to boost Pencil sales.  By creating an app for the iPhone, Pencil would have more demand in a larger and more thriving market.

Whatever the reason, we are excited to see the new app developed for iPhone, so bring it on Fiftythree! For information on how we can help you develop an app for iOS or Android, contact us today. Our expert iOS app developers can put your vision into reality, possibly creating the next big thing in the app world.



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