Technology Trends To Watch Out For in 2023

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In this article and infographic, we look at the future trends in business and technologies we expect to see change the way we live work and play in the coming year.

These are not all new, but many are reaching maturity from a hardware and software development point of view. And the culmination of many of these technologies is reliant on others to make them ready for real-world application. For example, high-speed always-on Internet is essential for the new connected world to function as it should. And advances in AI and cloud technology are also pivotal in many of these developments.

1. Decentralization


We will see Web3 and blockchain will become widespread

We expect many web 2 applications to be retired in favor of distributed blockchain technology which is more secure, more resilient, more scalable, and has a lower operational cost. Centralized web 2 corporations will not go away yet but there will be increasing pressure from alternatives

2. Hyperconnected 


5G will connect every device and human to the Internet

The 5G rollout continues across the world and it is now possible to rely on a rock-solid high-speed connection in most major cities. Combined with increasing WiFi coverage indoors and outdoors, the stage is now set for a totally networked world where everything is permanently connected online, including us.

3. Hyperscalers


Further growth of flexible cloud platforms

Increasingly, investing in physical servers is a thing of the past, now computing power can automatically scale up and down according to demand. This is good for reducing costs and the environment. And it allows for almost limitless computing power on demand.

4. Ubiquitous AI


Expect a significant decrease in human decision-making

Quietly in the background AI technology has been working its way into every aspect of our lives. This trend will continue at an accelerated pace with almost every business decision as we move through ML (machine learning) to deep learning where we are no longer involved in even training the algorithms, they train themselves.

5. HealthTech


Wearables and in-body diagnostics with remote doctors normalized

We expect to see a large uptake in telemedicine in the coming years. Doctors will perform consultations via video meetings and take measurements with increasingly sophisticated sensors that are now built into phones and wearables. Then the final move will be toward in-body sensors that report changes in health signals before you are even aware you are getting sick.

6. EdTech 


Increase in remote, flexible, and personalized learning

Online learning is getting better and more sophisticated all the time and is increasingly making the traditional school and college system look antiquated. After all, everyone is an individual and we don’t just learn to walk and talk at different times in our lives, every individual develops at a different pace and so it makes sense to allow people to learn what they want and when they are ready rather than forcing every person into a production line education system.

7. Digitally editable world


Digital manipulation of what you see, eat, and even who you are

Expect to see more and more things in life being computer editable from the reality we see around us to gene editing of biological organisms including ourselves.

8. IoB (Internet of Bodies)


Behavioral science meets edge analytics and the Internet of Things 

Yes, the internet of things is not just devices, we are also part of it. And the information will not just flow out from us to the internet in the form of biosensors, but also inward changing the way we connect with and interact with our technology.

9. Metaverse


Not just entertainment but business and work will go virtual 

Remote work has become the norm for many in recent years but that is not the end to workplace changes by any means. Expect to be going to work in a virtual world in the not-too-distant future. 

10. Hyperautomation


Everything that can be automated will be, expecting big changes to the workplace

Increasingly manual repetitive work will be done by robotics and AI so if you are in work of that nature it is time to start training for work in IT or the arts. Even the most complex tasks are increasingly being automated by AI so very few jobs will be unaffected.

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