Top 9 App Development Trends to Watch for in 2020

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Top 9 App Development Trends to Watch for in 2020

Every year we come across new technology trends in the app development market because customers or users get attracted to new, attractive, and more convenient apps. With so many apps already available in the market, businesses must innovate and come up with novel ideas to earn customers and maintain or improve their market share.

Businesses need to leverage the latest trends to stay ahead in the race. They thus choose the app development company that is aware of all the latest developments. For an app development company, it thus becomes important to be aware of these latest development trends to grab projects and offer the best products to their clients.

In short, both businesses, as well as the app development companies, need to be aware of and consider these top app development trends in 2020.

9 Trends That Will Dominate App Development in 2020

App development trends stem from the needs and interests of the target user or customer. The developed app should be easy to use, attractive, and useful for users. Thus, app development should be customer or user-centric.

Here are the interesting app development trends that will dominate the world in 2020.

1. IoT Based Smart Objects

Development companies need to focus on developing apps for IoT enabled Smart Objects in 2020. There is a rising demand for smart homes and workplaces where everything is managed through the mobile app.

IoT Based Smart Objects is a collection or network of objects embedded with software and electronics, sensors, etc., that helps connect the objects with a common network. Users can operate all this with mobile apps.

The best example of IoT development is smart homes where users can manage common appliances like ACs, TV, lights, refrigerator, etc. with their mobile app.

2. Android Instant Apps

Instant apps are apps that can run without being installed. The users can start using the app without the hassle of downloading or installing it from the app store. In short, Android Instant Apps are mobile websites that operate directly from the cloud. For example, the Hollar shopping app.

All you need is to enable instant apps on your mobile and you can use it! This is the reason why Instant Apps are becoming so popular. In 2020, development companies need to adopt this trend in Android development to safeguard their business revenues.

3. Decentralized Apps – DApps

In 2020, businesses and development companies must not ignore decentralized apps or blockchain-based apps. Blockchain-based decentralized apps or DApps are the future of apps.

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger where nothing is owned by a single authority. This ensures high security. In today’s world, security is the primary concern of users and businesses can flourish only when they promise the utmost security. Thus, this is the right time for development companies to start blockchain-based app development.

Initially, blockchain gained popularity in the gaming industry and is now being adopted in all major industries to include blockchain in fintech (financial technology) and healthcare sectors due to data sensitivity and security needs. Soon, we can expect major developments on the blockchain platform with Facebook all set to launch its cryptocurrency “Libra” in 2020.

4. Mobile Payment Apps

Mobile wallets are not a new concept anymore. Mobile payment apps have become so popular within a short time due to the convenience that these offer to the users.

Mobile payment apps or mobile wallets are the need of the hour as consumers are looking for more and more time-saving and convenience. People are transitioning to mobile or virtual wallets rapidly also due to safety concerns of handling hard cash.

Google Pay and PayPal are two popular examples of mobile payment apps or wallets that have made our life easy; haven’t they?

5. Augmented Reality in E-Commerce

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are other significant popular trends in mobile apps today. In 2020, these are expected to get more popular and common for e-commerce apps. According to Statista, the market for AR and VR worldwide is expected to rise to 18.8 billion USD in 2020 (Source).

With AR, users can get a real shopping experience in their mobile itself. Shopping is no longer a tough or time-consuming task. AR apps make shopping a fun activity and allow users to understand the product better. This reduces the chances of disappointment and returns later.

Today’s users are busy with their job and personal life and have no time for shopping. At the same time, it is also true that shopping is one of the basic needs that we cannot do without! AR in e-commerce has made shopping an interesting and easy experience. People largely depend on online shopping now, with the trust that AR has generated. So, we can expect a huge rise in the AR app development for all major industries including e-commerce this year.

6. Foldable Screens

The development of foldable screens has enabled a higher screen size within mobiles, thus improving voice streaming and gaming experience for users. In 2020, more apps will need to be optimized for foldable screens.

Samsung (Galaxy Fold), Motorola (Razr), and Huawei (Mate X) already offer foldable display mobile phone models. Development companies cannot ignore foldable-screen-friendly apps anymore, as many more mobile phone models will soon have foldable screen functionality to impress the users.

7. Beacon Technology

Beacons are small, wireless transmitters used to send signals to smart devices in their proximity. Beacon technology has made location-based search and interaction easy and accurate.

According to a Global Market Insights report, the beacon technology market size is expected to exceed $25 billion by 2024 (Source). With beacon technology, shops can notify or inform customers when the customers fall within the range of their shop or even send out messages about offers and discounts. In short, shops can transmit any information to users or customers on their receptive devices within the range of their beacons.

Targeted offers and advertisements from brands help earn customers. Thus, beacon technology is another popular development trend today.

8. Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are gaining immense popularity today. From smartwatches that we all love to wear to smart fabrics finding great use in healthcare, wearable technology is creating miracles around us. Research and Markets predicts that the global wearable market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.66% from 2019 to 2024 (Source).

Wearable devices offer the convenience of “carrying” technology with us with ease to satisfy our day-to-day needs to include monitoring our blood pressures, fitness trackers, and counters to measure our steps. These devices, for example, the smartwatch, also act as a map and guide the users on which way to turn or where to go. Smartwatches can help locate our mobile phones if needed. That’s not all, users can reply to messages and even receive calls easily with their smartwatches.

With such convenience, smart wearable devices will soon rule the world. So, development companies must be prepared for the development of smart wearables in 2020!

9. Voice-Enabled Apps

The list of top development trends is incomplete without voice-enabled apps. Voice technology has already created a huge impact on the app market and it will continue to rule the development world in 2020.

App development companies need to accept this challenging app development trend as this is one of the top favorites for customers. We all prefer speaking to texting and that is the reason behind the huge success of voice-enabled apps. So, app development companies and businesses in need of building an app, both need to adopt this trend now!

To Summarize

The app development world experiments with new technology endlessly. It takes time to understand what is accepted and loved by the customers. The use of the right technology also depends on the specific needs of your business. For example, an AR app can be very useful for e-commerce but may not be as useful in fintech.

Thus, it requires research and experience to decide the right app development technology among the various trending technologies. Else, choose the right app development partner to build the perfect app for your business.


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